Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra says he and Catelynn will QUIT the show after 10 years if his kids don’t want to do it – The Sun

TEEN Mom star Tyler Baltierra has vowed to quit the reality series alongside wife Catelynn Lowell if his kids decide they don't want to continue filming.

The 28-year-old revealed he would turn his back on the MTV show in 10 years for the sake of his two daughters Nova and Vaeda.

In a new interview for Awesome Dad show, Tyler opened up on his family's future on the hit series.

The star said: “Our plan with Nova is to keep telling her every single year, ‘Hey, [MTV] is going to come here again, and kids at school may know who you are.

"We’re just kind of explaining to them as they get older, at their age level.

"If it comes to the point where our children are coming to us and saying, ‘Listen, we’re getting bullied’ or ‘I wish you guys wouldn’t do the show anymore,’ then it’s done."

He continued: "It’s very simple. I’m not going to sacrifice their lives, their well-being and [getting to] grow up in as normal a childhood as possible just so we can continue to do the show.”

The couple already give Nova, five, the option as to whether or not she wants to film for the show.

Tyler added: "We ask Nova, ‘Do you want to film today? Do you want cameras in your room?'

“We want to give her the option and freedom to determine, ‘No I don’t want to do this today’ or ‘I do.’

“I think that’s super-important because, at the end of the day, my kids were born into this. They didn’t really get to choose to be on TV or not. Me and Catelynn did that, as parents, and that’s what we do."

Catelynn and Tyler's relationship has faced heavy criticism throughout the show.

The couple previously split in 2018 – deciding to spend 30 days apart soon after realising Catelynn was pregnant.

The high school sweethearts first appeared on 16 & Pregnant, where they welcomed their first daughter, Carly, in 2009 and placed her for adoption.

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