The 10 Most Popular Series TVLine Readers Are Watching During Quarantine (and How to Binge Them)

The results are in, and you’ve done us proud: TVLine readers are watching a lot of television as the days of self-quarantine continue.

With most of us stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, we recently asked you to share the TV shows you’ve been watching at home — and there was quite a variety!

What TVLine Readers Are Watching During Self-Quarantine

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From beloved pop culture staples (The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to series that have only been around for a few weeks (Little Fires Everywhere, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist), it seems you’ve been indulging in a wide range of TV offerings, whether you’re catching up on a DVR backlog, trying a classic for the first time or rewatching some small-screen comfort food.

After tallying your responses, though, we counted 10 shows that got love from multiple readers, and we’ve collected them in the attached gallery. The list includes a few current series, such as HBO’s Succession and Amazon’s The Expanse, while others have been off the air for years. (We still miss you, Happy Endings!)

And just in case you’ve wanted to try these 10 series, too, we’ve included handy details on how to binge them… once you finish the other 500 shows on your list, that is.

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