The Chase: Darragh Ennis takes aim at Bradley with ‘unnecessary’ age jibe ‘What!’

The Chase: Bradley says he wants to get 'plastic surgery' at 70

Bradley Walsh was on hand to guide four new budding quizzers in their quest to pocket some cash on today’s The Chase. However, in order to do so, they’d have to outperform the ITV show’s newest Chaser, Darragh Ennis. And first up was Lyndon hoping to set an example for fellow contestants Elaine, Matt and Charlotte – although Bradley couldn’t help but compliment the 70-year-old on his age-defying appearance before he took to the table.

Chatting with Lyndon ahead of his cash-builder, the contestant told Bradley he loves staying fit and has ran a number of marathons.

When he revealed he was 70-years-old, a stunned Bradley replied: “What?!”

And his age wasn’t the only thing which impressed Bradley after he opted for a generous high offer of £55,000 put forward by Darragh.

However, it proved to be a costly mistake as Darragh managed to catch Lyndon before he had a chance to add the money to the price fund.

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After bidding Lyndon farewell, Bradley commented: “Can’t believe he’s 7.”

“I’m gonna look like that, get a load of placcy surgery done.” (Sic)

Spotting the perfect chance for a swipe, Darragh took aim at the ITV host and said: “What? This time next year?”

“What?” Bradley hit back as he feigned offence before turning to the team to comment: “So unnecessary.”


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