The Good Doctor’s Will Yun Lee opens up about how ‘everyone is in danger’ in the season 3 finale – The Sun

SEASON 3 of ABC’s The Good Doctor airs its disaster-filled finale part 2 tonight, and star Will Yun Lee warns “everyone is in danger.”

The actor, who plays Dr. Alex Park, opened up to The Sun about what fans can expect from episode 20, including what he could share about who possibly dies.

Promo trailers have been teasing that “not everyone will survive,” and last week’s part 1 set up that outcome by putting all of the doctors at St. Bonaventure hospital in peril.

At the end of the first part of The Good Doctor’s finale, Park was trying to save a crushed teenager, Casey (Bentley Green), who reminded him of his own son, Kellan (Ricky He).

While Will wasn’t able to give specific details about the effects of the earthquake, he revealed: “All I can say is that it will help him grow as a person and father but will have rippling consequences for his journey.”

He continued: “My son has become a big part of the last 3 episodes of my character’s journey and where he will go.

“It makes him question a lot of things about love, work and family.”

Ricky first appeared as Park’s son in a couple episodes mid-way through season 2 and recently showed back up in town in season 3, giving fans a better look at Park’s personal life and his bond with his son.

The two had a heart-to-heart conversation a couple episodes back about being honest with each other, being there for each other and how their relationship can improve.

Will explained that it was easier to do these heavier, more emotional scenes because he “loves working with Ricky,” which also helps their onscreen chemistry.

He added: “Super talented, kind actor. Our chemistry was instant because we both have a huge love for martial arts. So in between takes, that’s pretty much all we talked about.”

Meanwhile in the finale, Shaun’s (Freddie Highmore) trapped in a flooding basement, Morgan’s (Fiona Gubelmann) putting her still-healing hands at risk and Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) is suffering from his own injuries.

All of the characters are in danger of dying or losing someone they care about, but Will promises fans will get answers to that, as well as season-long questions about everyone’s career and romantic futures.

The actor, who also stars on Netflix’s Altered Carbon, said: “There will be some closures and answers about what fans have been wanting to know all season.

“But there will also be some things that will be season-end shockers.”

Will added: “I wish I could answer [the] question about Park’s future. Fans of the show will have to tune in to see what happens.”

The Good Doctor’s season 3 finale part 2, titled “I Love You,” airs on ABC on Monday at 10 p.m.

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