The Score review: muddled musical hits the wrong notes

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And sadly, while this muddled Brit flick scores highly for originality, it is a few thousands miles from becoming the next La La Land.

Most of the film is set in a rural café, where two minor-league criminals (actor-musician Johnny Flynn and actor Will Poulter) are waiting to do a £20,000 deal (one possible meaning of the score of the title) with tardy hoodlums.

As Poulter’s character falls for Naomi Ackie’s waitress and the lads reveal their thinly sketched back stories, everyone keeps bursting into song.

Not the exuberant life-affirming numbers we have come to expect but soul-searching indie ballads from Flynn’s back catalogue.

All three actors deliver compelling performances but the few lyrics I could pick out from the over-produced score (another possible explanation for the title) had little to do with the plot.

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