The Walking Dead boss breaks down Carol’s visions of Alpha from beyond the grave after grisly beheading – The Sun

THE Walking Dead boss has revealed what’s going on with Carol’s visions of Alpha from beyond the grave.

The latest episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic horror television series, titled Look at the Flowers, saw Carol (Melissa McBride) being haunted by the recently beheaded Alpha.

The name of the episode referenced what Carol said to Lizzie before blowing her head off and show runner Angela Kang discussed the meaning behind Carol’s hallucinations.

Speaking to EW, said: “It felt like it was the right title. Our writer, Channing Powell, had this great pitch that she worked on with the room about where Carol is at after she got her wish of seeing Alpha dead.

“She kind of orchestrated this whole thing with Negan, but along the way a lot of things happened and she's not feeling good about everything, and it felt like it kind of worked with the way that Alpha has just wormed her way into Carol's brain even after death. 

“And there's this darkness that's in Carol as she's remembering these horrific moments that she's been through, and these are the thoughts that are spinning around. 

“And I think with any story that is so focused around revenge, there's a lot of ugly emotions that go along with that and so that's where we find our heroine now.”

After her subconscious battle with Alpha, Carol went back to Alexandria with Daryl waiting for her out in the wild. 

They then had a moment at the gate, but didn’t say a word, and Kang explained what was going on between the pair.

She said: “We’ve really been building the story with these two so that we're tracking the emotions of this story through Daryl and Carol. 

“They have one of the longest standing relationships and they're in complicated places. 

“They don't know yet Connie's fate, if she has survived or if she hasn't. 

“I think for Daryl, he's always happy to see his friend Carol and to know that she's okay. 

“But there's a lot that has been revealed about what he knew and didn't know and that's complicated.”

Kang added: “For Carol, she's just in a space where she went through this very intense emotional experience. 

“And so they have one of those friendships where they don't always need to talk to each other, but at the same time, things are certainly different from where they started at the beginning of the season where they were joking about being best friends and really palling around. Everything has taken its toll on both of them.”

Kang previously explained how coronavirus had thrown the season 10 finale into chaos.

It was confirmed last week that the AMC show's final episode in the current series would not air as scheduled on Sunday, April 12 in the US as originally planned.

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