The Walking Dead season 10: Fans thrilled as comic character finally revealed

As the Whisperer War finally draws to a close, TWD fans have been enthralled by the current season. The latest episode of the AMC zombie saga was no exception, and even introduced a long-awaited character from Robert Kirkman’s original comic books.

Not only has the mainline television adaptation of Kirkman’s graphic source material covered some major ground in the last season, there are still plenty of upcoming spin-offs to explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The zombie-infested United States has been split into several different factions of survivors, and fans have been waiting for the introduction of one of the most significant in the original comics; Commonwealth.

Fan reactions to the ongoing season have been a mixed bag so far, though the response to the most recent episode has mainly been positive.

Multiple let-downs, including Carol’s (played by Melissa McBride) pouting, Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) fumbled exit and Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) last minute double crossing, have been hanging over season 10.

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However, fans are still itching to see the first glimpse of Commonwealth, the biggest safe haven amid the wandering hordes of zombies.

The latest episode’s introduction of fan favourite character, Princess (Paola Lázaro), confirmed the series is fast approaching the Commonwealth arc from Kirkman’s comic books.

Juanita Sanchez, better known as the Princess of Pittsburgh, is a bubbly, brightly dressed lone survivor who was introduced in Issue 171 of the original comic run. 

Paola was confirmed to be joining season 10 as Princess back in October of last year, and finally made her debut in Sunday night’s episode.

Her own coping mechanisms for surviving in the walker-infested wasteland include dressing in outlandish outfits, dyeing her hair and maintaining a quirky sense of humour.

Amidst the grim atmosphere of the horror epic, her presence in the later issues of Kirkman’s series was received warmly by comic readers.

Though shown for just a brief moment, fans are certain Paola will do justice to the character as she becomes a recurring role throughout upcoming seasons.

A legion of fans took to online forums following last night’s episode to voice their approval for Paola’s portrayal of the new character.

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On Reddit, some were wary given Princess’s more divisive personality in the comics.

One fan commented: “She was introduced in the show much better than she was in the comics. I think it’s gonna be fine.”

Meanwhile, Twitter was overflowing with positivity, as another viewer told Paola: “Can’t wait to watch you tonight and in the future. Glad you are a part of the #TWD family now. Welcome!”

While another viewer added: “Welcome to #TWDFamily! Love Princess in the comic and am thrilled that she’s finally here. Cannot wait to see more of you.”


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After broadcasting on AMC for over 10 years, it’s clear from the comments that TWD fans remain invariably supportive of cast members old and new.

As more and more established characters begin dropping out of the series, it’s encouraging any time a new favourite is introduced to round out the cast, especially when reactions are universally positive.

TWD devotees are looking forward to finding more out about Princess when she reprises her role in next week’s episode, The Tower.

The Walking Dead season 10 continues Sunday on AMC and Monday on FOX UK.

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