Think you're the ultimate Friends fan? Take our bumper trivia quiz to find out

THINK you’re the ultimate Friends fan?

Well, get ready to put your knowledge to the ultimate test with our bumper quiz.

After 236 episodes, there’s plenty to know about Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe.

So before the Friends reunion special on Thursday, brush up on your knowledge about the smash-hit series with questions in the style of Ross’s famous quick-fire quiz.

Could it BE any harder? But don’t worry if you’re stumped . . . we’ll be there for you (with the answers below).

Round one: Fears and pet peeves

  1.  What three things is Ross allergic to?
  2. What is Monica’s biggest pet peeve?
  3. According to Chandler, what phenomenon scares the bejesus out of him?
  4. What is Rachel scared of most?
  5.  What nickname does Ross have for getting angry?
  6. What does Monica fear most in life?
  7.  What bad habit does Chandler reveal in season 1?
  8. What is Joey’s most annoying habit?
  9. What fear did Monica help  Chandler to overcome?
  10. What is Ross too scared to tell Rachel in season 6?

Round two: Ancient history

  1. What was Ross’s  excuse for cheating on Rachel?
  2. In what season do Ross and Rachel   share their first on-   screen kiss?
  3. What’s the name of the woman Carol leaves Ross for?
  4. How many times was Ross legally         divorced?
  5. What job did Monica’s older boyfriend Richard  Burke have?
  6. How many times did Chandler and Janice break up in total?
  7. How long was the letter Rachel wrote to Ross?
  8. Phoebe’s love interest David broke up with her to move where?
  9. Who proposes to Phoebe in Barbados?
  10. What is Joey’s favourite chat-up  line?

Round three: Literature

  1. Which Steven King book did Joey put in the freezer?
  2. A weekly TV guide gets sent to Chandler and Joey’s apartment –         what name appears on the address label?
  3. In The One With The Joke, in which magazine was a joke published  that Ross and Chandler fight over?
  4. Which feminist book do Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica all read?
  5. What did Chandler’s mother do for a living?
  6. In season four, Chandler         bought his girlfriend Kathy a rare copy of         her favourite childhood book – what is it?
  7. What is written on Ross’s T-shirt that Rachel wants to keep after they         break up?
  8. Who told Chandler: “I’ll write to you every day: 15 Yemen Road,         Yemen”?
  9. Before they were friends, which character did Phoebe mug as a child?
  10. In what season does Joey struggle to write a letter of recommendation for Monica and Chandler’s adoption agency?

Round four: It's all relative

  1. What is the name of Chandler’s father’s all-male burlesque?
  2. What nickname did Monica’s dad give her?
  3. Which main character kissed Rachel’s mum?
  4. How many sisters does Joey have?
  5. How did Phoebe’s half-brother Frank meet fiancée Alice?
  6. What job did Rachel’s dad have?
  7. What does Monica’s  dad, Jack, give her  because her childhood belongings were ruined in a flood?
  8. What is the age gap between Ross and Monica?
  9. Which two actresses played the roles of Rachel’s    sisters Jill and Amy?
  10. What animal did Ross dress up as at Christmas for his         son Ben?

Round five: Food for thought

  1. In The One Where No One’s Ready, what does Ross almost drink in an         effort to prove how sorry he is to Rachel?
  2. What’s the name of the 1950s-themed diner where Monica worked  as a waitress?
  3. Which savoury ingredients were in Rachel’s famous thanksgiving trifle?
  4. What does Monica make in an effort to get over Richard?
  5. What is Joey’s favourite food?
  6. In what episode does Monica walk in with a turkey on her head?
  7. What dessert do Rachel and Chandler steal then eat off the floor?
  8. What dip ruins Phoebe’s yellow dress in The One Where No One’s Ready?
  9. What food item did Monica take from work, that cost her her  job?
  10. Joey doesn’t share what?

Round six: The name game

  1. Which famous actor appeared in US Navy  uniform as Phoebe’s long-lost love?
  2. Which Oscar-winning actor starred opposite Joey in a First World War movie?
  3. Name the Hollywood star who played Susie Moss, Chandler’s old classmate        who  steals his clothes?
  4. Which comedian and actor played Tommy,  Rachel’s angry date in season 3?
  5. Which actor appeared as a stripper at  Phoebe’s        bachelorette party?
  6. Which chat show host was  the producers’ first choice to        play Phoebe?
  7. Which actor played Phoebe’s husband Mike Hannigan and Ant Man?
  8. Which hunky Nineties action hero played himself in season two?
  9. Name the two legendary        US comedians who  played Tim and Tomas in season 3?
  10. British actress Helen Baxendale played Emily –         in which hit UK comedy-drama did she star?

Round seven: Who, what, wear?

  1. What is Rachel wearing in her first scene in episode one?
  2. Why did a completely starkers Joey put on all of Chandler’s clothes in        season 3?
  3. In the final season, what famous fashion brand is Rachel fired from?
  4. In The One With the Halloween Party, who does Gunther dress up as?
  5. What is the name of the cologne that Joey’s rival at Macy’s promotes?
  6. Which fashion company was Rachel moving to Paris to work for in season 10?
  7. Which film character did Rachel dress up as for Ross   in season 3?
  8. How many sweaters does Joey wear on a date with a        girl who hits him?
  9. In what episode does Chandler have a frightening experience with    Joey’s tailor?
  10. True or False? The cast wear black and white in the show’s opening credits?

Round eight: The lightning round

  1. What is the name of Phoebe’s most popular song?
  2. What’s the name of the coffee shop that  the main characters always go to?
  3. Which actor played Will, a member of  the “I Hate Rachel Green Club”?
  4. Which famous billionaire sells Joey   his Union Flag hat in        London?
  5. Who had a huge  crush on Rachel?
  6. How many viewers tuned in for the final episode in 2004?
  7. Bruce Willis made a cameo appearance after losing a bet with which cast member?
  8. Who is the actress who plays Monica?
  9. Who performs the theme tune I’ll Be There For You?
  10. In which American city is the series set?


FEARS AND PET PEEVES: 1) Lobster, peanuts, kiwi, 2) Animals dressed as humans, 3) Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance, 4) Swings, 5) Red Ross, 6) Losing at anything, 7) He smokes, 8) Knuckle-cracking, 9) His fear of commitment, 10) They are still married.

ANCIENT HISTORY: 1. We were on a break, 2) Season 2 (The One Where Ross Finds Out), 3) Susan Bunch, 4) Three times – Carol, Emily and Rachel, 5) Ophthalmologist, 6) Five, 7) 18 pages, front and back, 8) Minsk, 9) Mike Hannigan, 10) How you doin’?

LITERATURE: 1) The Shining, 2) Ms Chandler Bong, 3) Playboy, 4) Be Your Own Windkeeper, 5) She wrote erotic novels, 6) The Velveteen Rabbit, 7) Frankie Says Relax, 8) Janice, 9) Ross (she stole his comic Science Boy), 10) Season 10.

IT’S ALL RELATIVE: 1) Viva Las Gaygas, 2) Little Harmonica, 3) Joey, 4) Seven, 5) She was his teacher, 6) A doctor (Dr Leonard Green), 7) His Porsche, 8) Two years, 9) Christina Applegate and Reese Witherspoon, 10) The Holiday Armadillo.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: 1) A glass of fat, 2) The Moondance Diner, 3) Beef with peas and onions, 4) Jam, 5) Sandwiches, 6) The One with All The Thanksgivings (season 5, episode 8), 7) Cheesecake, 8) Hummus, 9) Steaks, 10) Food.

THE NAME GAME: 1) Charlie Sheen, 2) Gary Oldman, 3) Julia Roberts, 4) Ben Stiller, 5) Danny DeVito, 6) TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, 7) Paul Rudd, 8) Jean-Claude Van Damme, 9) Billy Crystal and Robin Williams, 10) Cold Feet.

WHO, WHAT, WEAR?: 1) A wedding dress, 2) As revenge for Chandler hiding his underwear, 3) Ralph Lauren, 4) Charlie Brown, 5) Hombre, 6) Louis Vuitton, 7) Princess Leia in a gold bikini, 8) Six, 9) The One With Ross’s New Girlfriend, 10) True.

THE LIGHTNING ROUND: 1) Smelly Cat, 2) Central Perk, 3) Brad Pitt, 4) Richard Branson, 5) Gunther, 6) Fifty-one million people, 7) Matthew Perry, 8) Courteney Cox, 9) The Rembrandts, 10) New York.

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