This Morning’s Eamonn Holmes reveal he and Ruth Langsford went to a sex party – and bumped into a TV star – The Sun

THIS Morning's Eamonn Holmes shocked viewers today when he announced that he and wife Ruth Langsford had been to a sex party.

The 60-year-old star dropped the bombshell in the middle of an interview with White Lines star Angela Griffin – saying they bumped into someone who worked in TV.

He asked: "Angela, your kids aren't watching – have you ever been to one of those sex parties? We went to one.

"We were thrown out before anything happened. We went to the foreplay. We went to the preamble.

"We were filming for a series we were doing and my wife said: 'Get out of here before anything starts. Get out.'

"But you know what the interesting thing was? They were all wearing masks and things and we were filming.

"The organisers came up to us as we were leaving and said: 'Oh, you can't mention who you saw here.'

"I said: 'Oh, well I didn't see anyone.' They said: 'No, there's someone who works in TV who says you know them. You know them and you have seen them here.'"

Ruth cut in more he said anything else, joking: "Maybe it was Angela doing her research."

One shocked viewer tweeted: "Did Ruth and Eamonn really just say they went to a sex party…?"

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