Tiffany Pollards famous feuds from Davids Dead! mishap to Gemma Collins row

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Tiffany Pollard rose to fame on the American reality shows Flavor of Love and I Love New York, but in the UK, her stint on Celebrity Big Brother made her unforgettable.

Tiffany finished fourth on the show back in 2016 and her appearance was nothing short of iconic from the moment she entered the Big Brother house on day one.

She starred alongside X Factor’s Christopher Maloney, The Only Way Is Essex’s Gemma Collins, Geordie Shore’s Scotty T and of course, American Producer David Gest.

During her time on the show, Tiffany mistakenly thought that David Gest had died, causing an uproar in the house and leaving Tiffany in tears.

The accidental mishap resulted in one of the biggest CBB feuds on air, particularly of that season, and became an incredibly memorable moment for fans everywhere.

Viewers will never forget Tiffany Pollard's iconic blasts, but particularly as she became a favourite in the UK, her time on the Channel 4 show will remain popular for years.

As the star turns 40, Daily Star looks at her most incredible feuds and rows, and of course we kick off with the iconic "David's dead!"

David's Dead

On day seven of CBB actress and musician Angie Bowie had been told off camera that her ex-husband David Bowie had died. Disheartened and upset, Angie made her way into the kitchen where she came across Tiffany.

Angie confided: “David’s dead,” but Tiffany couldn’t keep her composure and began wailing with grief and so the misunderstanding began to spiral.

Tiffany went outside to tell the other housemates about the news and everyone began searching for housemate David Gest in a panicked frenzy, only to find that he was safe and well in his bed.

Gemma Collins fury

Tiffany also had a spat with another contestant during her time in the house. The celebrity’s were competing in a challenge when Gemma admitted she took her shoes back from Tiffany.

Gemma said: “Those shoes have to be on someone’s feet, who is very beautiful.”

After the insult, Tiffany began shouting at Gemma, to which Gemma replied: “Listen, whatever she says I’ve won. I’ve got my shoes back.”

Tiffany then took to the diary room to share her opinion on Gemma. When Big Brother asked what she would like to say to her, Tiffany replied: “I would let Gemma know that she is a fat c*** and that she shoes she gave me were not something I would particularly buy for myself.

"They were old maiden type shoes. She said they were meant to be worn on a beautiful woman, so if that’s the case she should have put them back on the rack. She should never have purchased them, she was unqualified to own those shoes.”

“Gemma is just a disgrace […] she doesn’t have the vernacular she thinks she possesses. Someone lied to her several times and told her she was fly, hot, sexy and beautiful. She is nothing like that, she is nothing of the sort.

Rows and Memes

During her time on Flavor Of Love, she had some feisty moments with the other girls that are still circling the internet as memes despite the show airing 16 years ago.

At one point, Tiffany comes down to breakfast and points at each individual girl and says good morning, but points at one and says: “Not you, you can choke.”

She then said to the camera: “I wanted to see her anger level, I wanted to see if I was powerful enough to twist her mind.”

After she told one of the other contestants that she needed a facelift, Tiffany said: “Some of the girls feel like I have an advantage over them because I’m totally awesome and I have it going on.”

Romp Row

The outrageous star was branded a liar back in 2017 by Gladiators star David McIntosh after he accused her of lying about a sexy bathroom romp. Tiffany claimed they hooked up during filming of E! show Famously Single.

Shameless as ever, Tiffany gushed: "I've never had a man pump that much iron in such a little time.”

She added to The Mirror: "Oh I definitely slept with David McIntosh.” However, David's version of events couldn't be further from her claims.

Chatting to Daily Star Online, David said: "Tiffany is a real funny chick and we get on, but for all the wagging tongues out there nothing physical happened at all in or out of the bathroom.”

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