Tiger King's Jeff Lowe Hosts Reddit AMA, Instantly Becomes Merciless Roast

“As a senior citizen, why do you dress yourself like an anthropomorphized can of Monster Energy?”

Tiger King’s Jeff Lowe just hosted a Reddit AMA — and it went exactly as you’d expect.

Introducing himself as "CEO and Founder of Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park" the Netflix star asked the site’s users to Ask Me Anything… and boy did they.

Unsurprisingly, Jeff didn’t answer the vast majority of them, as Redditors took the opportunity to mercilessly roast the exotic animal collector.

But some questions he did answer, including one user who asked him about the very popular internet theory that he and Carole Baskin’s AWOL husband Don Lewis were actually one and the same person.

"You’re a brilliant man and she is not my type. If I was stuck on a deserted island with her, I would f–k a coconut," he replied. "I’ve seen the side by side pictures. It looks more like John and Joe’s love child."

He also echoed claims the documentary makers — which admittedly enjoyed impressive access to all its subjects — pretended to be something different to each of them.

"Netflix did not approach us. We were produced by the guys who made the show," he told one questioner. "They framed it as an expose on Carole Baskins. And to Carole, they said it was warning against the dangers of keeping tigers. They misrepresented the show to everyone."

When asked if the show had treated Carole properly, he replied "They were too easy on her."

"Joe had file cabinets full with info on the disappearance of Don," he said. "All she does is she has big cats in cages, just like Joe."

Another asked if he had found any "weird shit" about Joe Exotic since his incarceration; Lowe claimed he had found a flash drive showing "Joe and Finley… were having sexual relations with animals in the park."

He revealed he had never met Doc Antle, but had "heard disgusting things regarding playtime with the animals" from ex-employees, and hinted that his former business partner Tim Stark actually had "the most interesting story" of all the show’s motley characters.

One Reddit user who probably didn’t expect an answer, asked "How’s the nanny hunt going?" — Lowe told him he had been "inundated" with nanny requests from 2k-3k stalkers after his cell phone number was released.

However, as interesting as those questions were, they didn’t come close to the ones Jeff left unanswered, including:

  • As a senior citizen, why do you dress yourself like an anthropomorphized can of Monster Energy?

  • Hi Jeff, I actually have a question for your wife. Lauren, why do you put up with this disgusting f–king asshole and let him belittle you and treat you like trash? What derailed your self esteem so much that you would continue to be around this 13 year old dumb fuck trapped in a geriatric patient, whose primary concern is whether or not his peacock feathers are bright enough. You deserve better than to waste your life with an a evil conman. Call Carole Baskin, she might have some ideas that could help you out

  • Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number one: how dare you?

  • Did you expect this to be anything other than a roast?

  • Do you think someday your wife Lauren will wise up and feed you to the tigers, completing the cycle and fulfilling the ancient prophecies?

  • Hey Jeff Are you still claiming your grandfather Zion founded Robbins brothers circus? Spoiler Alert… he was 13 when Fred Buchanan changed the name from World Circus to Robbins Brothers.

  • Why do you dress like Hot Topic and Affliction had a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome?

  • Hi yeah, my main question is did you marinate in a Ziploc bag overnight before this roasting?

  • Why do you dress like a high school weed dealer? Aren’t you pushing 60?

  • What is your opinion on James Garrett’s Jet Ski Scene?

  • Hey Jeff, when you bang your babysitter while your wife nurses your new-born baby, will you think of this comment? Thanks Jeff.

  • How long do you think it’ll be before you’re behind bars where you belong?

  • Are you bald under the bandana?

  • Why did you hire a model from Vegas to fly out, take 1 single picture, and then claim she was your hot nanny?

  • Hi Jeff, Thanks a bunch for doing this AMA! I have two questions for you: Why do you dress like Limp Bizkit’s creepy douchebag roadie? Why do you always have the self-satisfied grin of a man who just got away with farting very quietly?

  • Why do you dress like you went through a midlife crisis 10 years ago, and just got stuck there?

  • Do you still considering wheeling around cubs in roller bags to be an ok practice?

  • Hey Jeff, has Oakley asked you to stop advertising their product?

  • How does it feel to get away with framing a man for soliciting murder?

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