Tower of God hiatus update: Kami no Tou Webtoon creator SIU's health problems described

The Tower of God hiatus continues as the Webtoon creator gives an update on the status of the Kami no Tou Webtoon. SIU described what he has been doing while on break and he spoke about his plans for the length of this hiatus.

The last time the Tower of God Webtoon was updated was on June 29, 2020, on the Naver website. SIU’s health problems were cited as the reason for the hiatus.

“Hi, everyone. This is SIU. I’m going to take a break from publishing Tower of God for the time being due to health reasons. I feel very sorry to all my readers about having to pause in the middle of a series like this.

“I’ll try to get lots of rest and get healthy again so that I can continue the story when I come back. Thank you for your constant support. I’ll see you all again when I’m feeling better.”

At the time, SIU stated he was uncertain how long the Kami no Tou hiatus would last. He recommended that fans subscribe to receive a notification when the Tower of God hiatus has ended.

Essentially, SIU is saying that the Tower of God Webtoon is on indefinite hiatus, but that does not necessarily mean it will be a long break to rival that of the Hunter x Hunter hiatus.

The Kami no Tou hiatus update from September 2020

In a Naver blog update published on September 21, 2020, SIU described how he is “living a normal life.”  He also relayed that he is still working on manuscripts, stating, “…this workload is a lot less compared to when I was actively” working on the ToG Webtoon. He says he’s worked on a few drafts but the “process of making new chapters has been delayed.”

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SIU says that several of his assistants abruptly quit and he spent some time training new assistants. Since SUI is not getting “paid for my uploads while on hiatus” he feels a “pressure that’s becoming more suffocating” because he still needs to pay his assistants in order to maintain the studio.

“I thought that if I started uploading soon, I thought I would be pushing my still aching body and mind to the limits,” SIU wrote.

“I had this sense that I wanted to come back with as many chapters as possible, which makes it harder to rest. Sometimes I think these days whether I live to upload or if I upload to live. ”

Generally, SIU has been exercising multiple times a week, taking long baths, and avoiding social media and the internet to help with his joint pain and “aching back and wrists.” SIU also admits that he quit social media because he was “afraid of the length of hiatus. Authors feel like criminals when they’re on hiatus.”

As for how long the Tower of God hiatus will last, SIU wrote, “I don’t know how much longer it will take, but I’ll rest well, and I will come back when I’m ready and the time is right.”

How the Tower of God Season 2 anime is affected by the hiatus

Anime fans are still waiting for the Tower of God Season 2 anime announcement by Crunchyroll. Fortunately, the Tower of God Webtoon hiatus should not have any effect on the production of the anime series.

To put the anime in perspective, Tower Of God Episode 13 ended by adapting Chapter 78, which is the end of the first “season” of the Webtoon series. The Webtoon already reached Tower of God Chapter 485 before the hiatus began, which means it would take multiple consecutive years of anime seasons before coming close to catching up to the Webtoon.

Therefore, the Tower of God Season 2 anime should not be delayed by the Webtoon hiatus.

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