Towie's Bobby Norris threatened with beheading as he opens up about horrific death threats just for being gay

TOWIE favourite Bobby Norris has opened up on the vile homophobic abuse and death threats he's received simply for being gay.

The reality TV favourite candidly spoke of the swathes of online abuse sent his way, which he claimed are "always homophobic", as part of Pride Month 2021.

The threats have even spanned to keyboard bullies calling for the Essex star to be "beheaded" and have a "gun put to his chest" in the most disgusting examples.

Bobby, 34, spoke openly to OK! Magazine about the abuse and frankly stated: "The online abuse I get is always homophobic. That’s not just having an opinion, people are sending me specific and detailed death threats because of my sexuality.

"I’ve got a thick skin and I can take that and still sleep at night, but if that had been me when I was younger, and for those who aren’t as thick-skinned as me, those people can struggle with that."

Gemma Collins' pal added: "No one should be told they’re going to be beheaded or that they’re going to have guns in their chest because of their sexuality.

"There’s a general belief that the only people who get trolled are those in the media or on TV, but that’s not the case.

"I get trolled because of my sexuality, which is something I can do nothing about and I wouldn’t want to. I’m a very proud gay man and I’m proud to be me.

"So much good can come from social media, but I’m so glad it wasn’t around when I was younger."

Opening up on more of the specific homophobic instances, Bobby told the publication: "I’ve suffered homophobic abuse in day-to-day life.

"Not that long ago I got off the train and was walking home when
a white Transit van drove past and the people inside started screaming “Batty Boy” out the window at me.

"I can’t believe that in this day and age that terminology is still a thing – it’s so bizarre to me.

"I try to think, “Why do they do it?” But I believe hurt people hurt people."

Bobby sadly split with partner Matt Snape late last year, after a year of dating.

He confirmed the pair have decided to go their separate ways but still remain on good terms.

Taking to social media, Bobby penned: “Hey guys, I just want to acknowledge the recent speculation regarding my relationship…I can confirm that Matt and I are no longer together.

“We share some amazing memories of our time together and I truly wish him all the best…x”

Their shock split came weeks after the pair spoke on the Essex reality show about starting a family.

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