Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Social Distancing Show’ Compares Donald Trump To The Tiger King

It’s the series that everyone’s talking about — no, not the daily White House Coronavirus Task Force updates but Netflix’s wild docuseries Tiger King. So it was inevitable that a late-night comedian would find a way to link it with President Donald Trump.

Trevor Noah — come on down!

The host remains safely sequestered at home as he enters Week 3 of The Daily Social Distancing Show, and tonight he finds some equivalence between Joe Exotic, subject of “the Netflix series that is somehow even more viral than COVID-19,” and the Leader of the Free World. Among the likenings:  Mssr. Exotic “makes everything about him,” is “the most disorganized person you will ever meet” — just like Trump when it comes to handling the coronavirus outbreak, Noah asserts — and “he sees conspiracies everywhere.”

Noah also interviews California Gov. Gavin Newsom on tonight’s show and has correspondent Jaboukie Young-White look into just how close we are to finding a coronavirus vaccine. Re the latter: Let’s just say it’s complicated.

Here is that Tiger King-meets-Trump clip and a couple more from this hybrid edition of The Daily Show:

Trevor Noah Talks With Dr. Anthony Fauci About Coronavirus On ‘The Daily Social Distancing Show’

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