Trina Goes Off on Nikki Natural in ‘LHH: Miami’ Reunion, Calls Her Kids ‘Dirty’

In the first part of season 3 reunion of the VH1 show, Trina accuses Nikki of being disrespectful to her as she says, ‘Everyone here knows you never see me disrespect nobody.’

AceShowbiz -Season 3 of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” reunion saw Trina and Nikki Natural‘s feud escalating. In the episode, Trina accused Nikki of being disrespectful to her, saying, “Everyone here knows you never see me disrespect nobody.”

Trick Daddy chimed in, “If you’re a female artist and try to make music in Miami, you can’t say nothing negative about Trina because she knows everybody.” Later, Trina was asked about her feelings after being “challenged by someone that you just want to help.”

Referring to Nikki, Trina replied, “This woman will not be nowhere in my space. I’m not disrespectful. I give a respect to any and everybody that comes up under me. Be honest, you’re beneath me, you’re always be. Don’t ever f***ing get that twisted. … I would never give any b****es that beneath me a chance to be under me.”

Nikki fired back as she asked, “How are you a role model? Look at you. You look like a mess.” That only further made Trina mad as she brought Nikki’s kids into the conversation, calling them “dirty a** kids.”

Nikki was then escourted to a separate room, she said, “First of all, I never disrespect Trina. If she comes for me, I’m gonna pop off.” She then called Trina the “King and Queen Crap of Miami,” prompting Trina to get up and head to the room that Nikki was in.

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In addition to Trina and Nikki, the first part of “LHH: Miami” season 3 reunion featured Trick putting Trina’s former manager Jullian Boothe on a blast after she accused of scamming out of money meant for her album, ‘The One’.

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