TV stars who have broken social-distancing rules including Holly Willoughby and Linda Robson

After the UK government set out guidelines to reduce the risk of catching coronavirus during the ongoing pandemic, some television stars have inadvertently broken social distancing rules. And while there are many celebrities taking these restrictions seriously, it’s easy to see why various presenters momentarily forget and are forced to be reminded about the rules. From This Morning host Holly Willoughby and Loose Women panellist Linda Robson, take a look at some of the other TV stars who have almost fallen victim to breaking the social distancing guidelines.

Holly Willoughby

Last week, Holly was scolded by co-host Phillip Schofield after she accidentally broke the social distancing rules on This Morning. During a science experiment in the studio, the mum-of-three excitedly rushed over to help her on-screen partner and leaned in closely. “No, no, don’t get so close. Get back,” quipped Phillip. “Get back in your own area.” Realising her mistake, Holly retorted: “Two metres, two metres.”

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Linda Robson

On Wednesday, Ruth Langsford was joined by Jane Moore and Linda Robson in the Loose Women studio after ITV brought back the popular TV show. The three panellists discussed DIY lockdown haircuts with Jane struggling to control her fringe. Unaware, Linda offered to lend her a helping hand but Ruth was forced to step in and stop her. “I’ll tell you what’s quite difficult, holding the mirror with one hand,” remarked Jane. To which, Linda offered: “Shall I hold the mirror for you?” Taking control, Ruth warned: “No you’re not allowed to stand near her, Linda.”

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Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford

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Eamonn and Ruth have previously reiterated on This Morning that despite the social-distancing rules implemented by the government, they’re exempt due to living in the same household. Eamonn, 60, assured viewers: “With regard to social distancing, don’t bother phoning in and saying ‘why are these two together’ because we are together all day in the house, we live together.” He continued: “And in case a lot of you don’t know this, we actually do live together.”

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Kirstie Allsopp

The Location, Location, Location presenter was recently accused of not complying with social distancing guidelines. Her Channel 4 programme, Keep Crafting and Carry On, was filmed over a two-week period during the lockdown, which reportedly upset locals. Kirstie was quick to defend herself and assured that the production team were all adhering to the guidelines. Taking to Twitter, the 48-year-old wrote: “THANK YOU SO MUCH whatever the Sun prints tomorrow, I now know for certain that many of you felt filming at home as we did, within strict protocols, was the right thing to do. #Craftmatters, Entertaining TV matters, and I’m proud of what we did. @RTRPGlasgow.”

Susanna Reid

Earlier this month, Good Morning Britain viewers were left perplexed as to why Susanna presented the show after co-host Piers Morgan revealed he had been tested for COVID-19. Many asked why she was not in self-isolation as well. Susanna asked their resident medic, Dr Hilary Jones, whether it was fine for her to be in the studio. Dr Hilary explained: “Well, remember that the symptoms are well defined as to why people should self-isolate. I spoke to Piers yesterday and he doesn’t have symptoms normally associated with COVID-19, but as he said, out of an abundance of precaution he has taken the test.”

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