Viewers cringe over 'awkward' Bafta 2021 awards' ceremony as host Richard Ayoade's gags fall flat

VIEWERS have cringed over the 'awkward' Bafta 2021 awards' ceremony after host Richard Ayoade's gags fell flat.

Tonight's ceremony took place at London's Television Centre with strict Covid-19 regulations in place.

That meant a reduced red carpet and guest list, with host Richard sharing his opening monologue with a minimal audience to react to his jokes.

It left viewers at home cringing behind their sofa cushions, with one writing on Twitter: "Awkward banter. Check."

Another tweeted: "this feels so… empty. i know it's because there's not a lot of people there but the atmosphere seems so off and awkward."

A third added: "The little laughs are so awkward I can’t do this."

Even Piers Morgan chipped in, tweeting: "This #BAFTAs is unwatchable, like every other awards show since the pandemic started."

Richard even joked about the circumstances himself, saying at one point: "In just two weeks, the national lockdown may be lifted, but why wait until then to have this show?

"I like things with no atmosphere."

As the audience laughed and clapped, he replied: "Thank you, it's good to wait three minutes to show any signs of appreciation."

He then made a jibe about the virtual audience made up of members of the public.

He said: "They differ from actual members of the public in that they may well watch this all the way through."

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