'Westworld' Season 3 Featurette Takes You to Warworld

The most recent episode of Westworld, “The Winter Line,” took us to a whole new park – one set-up to resemble Nazi-occupied Italy. The official name of this locale is Warworld, and a new Westworld season 3 featurette goes behind-the-scenes and focuses on all the tiny details that went into creating this new park. Watch it below, unless you haven’t seen the episode yet. Then maybe wait.

Westworld – Warworld

How did Westworld create Warworld? It went to Spain. Bethulu, Spain, to be precise – a little town that hasn’t changed much since the 1940s. “Even though this is set in Italy, we felt like Spain was a better option for us,” explains production designer Howard Cummings. “Bethulu was pretty frozen in time, and its main feature was this…12th-century bridge.”

The most impressive thing in this video is the reveal that the moment where everyone freezes in place while Thandie Newton‘s Maeve walks casually among them was done practically. They choreographed a bunch of extras to stay perfectly still, while using devices to hold certain people in positions to make it look like some of them were falling down, or flying backward after getting shot. Then those devices were digitally erased.

Season 3 is setting a large part of its action outside of the park system, so it’s unclear if we’ll be getting any more new worlds outside of Warworld. We did catch a glimpse of elements of Medieval World last week, in the form of a big Game of Thrones cameo. But it’s doubtful we’ll end up seeing the Medieval-themed park itself.

HBO released a behind-the-scenes video for the first episode of the new season as well, so there’s a good chance they’re doing one of these every week. Stay tuned.

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