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THE Great British Menu is well into its 16th series as some of the country's best chefs showcase their culinary skills.

But what does the winner of the show walk home with?

What does the winner of Great British Menu get?

The contestants fight to win the title of Great British Menu winner.

A past contestant told The Staff Canteen that although there is no cash prize: "It is like having the best PR possible, yes you have to put a lot of work in but the rewards are brilliant."

They added: "I think with something like GBM you have to see the big picture, I have spent a lot of time practising and filming, which takes you away from the restaurant but the increase in business has meant I am now able to employ more staff and buy better equipment.

The chefs get the honour of cooking for some of Britain's biggest names in the food and entertainment industries.

Are the contestants paid to take part?

The contestants are not paid to participate in the show.

The restaurants they represent have to fork out a budget.

However, the restaurants that participate seem more than happy to comply, as the show provides excellent exposure.

Who were the past winners, and where are they now?

Series 1 – 2006

The very first edition of the show ended with a banquet for the Queen's 80th birthday.

  • Starter: Richard Corrigan
  • Fish course: Bryn Williams
  • Main course: Nick Nairn
  • Dessert: Marcus Wareing

Series 2 – 2007

The banquet was an Ambassadors Dinner at the British Embassy in Paris.

  • Starter: Sat Bains
  • Fish course: Richard Corrigan
  • Main course: Mark Hix
  • Dessert: Mark Hix

Series 3 – 2008

The chefs were competing to cook at a dinner hosted by Heston Blumenthal for the world's top chefs at the top of the "Gherkin" building in London.

  • Starter: Jason Atherton
  • Fish course: Stephen Terry
  • Main course: Jason Atherton
  • Dessert: Glynn Purnell

Series 4 – 2009

The final meal was held for British Service personnel returning from the Afghanistan war.

  • Starter: Kenny Atkinson
  • Fish course: Glynn Purnell
  • Main course: Nigel Haworth
  • Dessert: Shaun Rankin

Series 5 – 2010

The chefs were challenged with sourcing ingredients around a National Trust property in their region for a banquet attended by British food producers with the Prince of Wales as the guest of honour.

  • Starter: Lisa Allen
  • Fish course: Kenny Atkinson
  • Main course: Tom Kerridge
  • Dessert: Niall McKenna

Series 6 – 2011

Barbara Windsor hosted the 2011 banquet, the guests of which were people who make a difference by feeding their communities.

  • Starter: Chris Fearon
  • Fish course: Aktar Islam
  • Main course: Tom Kerridge
  • Dessert: Paul Ainsworth

Series 7 – 2012

  • Starter: Colin McGurran
  • Fish course: Phil Howard
  • Main course: Daniel Clifford
  • Dessert: Simon Rogan

Series 8 – 2013

This was the Comic Relief special, with a banquet held at the Royal Albert Hall for people associated with the charity event.

  • Starter: Tom Aikens
  • Fish course: Aiden Byrne
  • Main course: Michael Smith
  • Dessert: Richard Davies & Daniel Clifford

Series 9 – 2014

It was the 70th anniversary of D-Day in 2014, with the banquet held for veterans who fought in the Normandy invasion at St Paul's Cathedral.

  • Starter: Adam Simmonds
  • Fish course: Emily Watkins
  • Main course: James Durrant
  • Dessert: Colin McGurran

Series 10 – 2015

The 10th series of the show celebrated 100 years of the Women's Institute with a banquet at the Draper's Hall in London.

  • Starter: Rich Bainbridge
  • Fish course: Michael O'Hare
  • Main course: Matt Gillan
  • Dessert: Rich Bainbridge

Series 11 – 2016

In 2016, the banquet was held in the dining room of the House of Commons.

  • Starter: Mark Abbott
  • Fish course: Tommy Banks
  • Main course: Mark Froydenlund
  • Dessert: Adam Reid

Series 12 – 2017

Tennis was the theme for the 2017 series, which marked the 140th anniversary of Wimbledon.

  • Starter: Pip Lacey
  • Fish course: Tommy Banks
  • Main course: Michael Bremner
  • Dessert: Selin Kiazim

Series 13 – 2018

2018's show commemorated 70 years of the NHS, with the final banquet held for healthcare workers at the Great Hall of St Bartholomew's Hospital.

  • Starter: James Cochran
  • Fish course: Ellis Barrie
  • Main course: Tom Brown
  • Dessert: Chris Harrod

Series 14 – 2019

The chefs were competing to cook at a banquet at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles last recording together.

  • Starter: Luke Selby
  • Fish course: Tom Anglesea
  • Main course: Adam Reid
  • Dessert: Lorna McNee

Series 15 – 2020

Last year saw chefs cook a banquet for some of Britain's best authors.

  • Starter: Alex Greene
  • Fish: Niall Keating
  • Main course: Tom Barnes
  • Dessert: Alex Greene

Some of the past winners have gone on to have successful careers after the show, most notably Tom Kerridge, Daniel Clifford and Michael O'Hare.

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