What is Clare's Law as Yasmeen calls police on Geoff in Coronation Street?

There’s hope for Yasmeen (Shelley King) in Coronation Street tonight when it seems she might finally be able to escape from the clutches of her evil husband Geoff (Ian Bartholomew).

For months she’s been suffering as a result of his manipulative behaviour and coercive control of her in increasingly horrifying scenes – but Monday night’s episode will see her take matters into her own hands after she makes a shocking discovery.

Geoff’s behaviour has already begun to catch up with him after Alya (Sair Khan) revealed last week that she had been to the police to request information about him under Clare’s Law.

Just what is the law – and how did it get its name?

What is Clare’s Law?

Clare’s Law, otherwise known as the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, is a scheme which allows people to find out from police if their partner has a history of domestic violence.

It was introduced in 2014 to coincide with International Women’s Day following pilot schemes in Gwent, Greater Manchester, Nottinghamshire and Wiltshire.


It sees men and women being allowed to request information about their partner – or third parties who are concerned someone might be in danger can also make requests for the information.

The police and other agencies (such as social services) will then decide whether releasing that information is ‘necessary, lawful and proportionate’ in order to protect a person from their partner.

They can also choose not to release information if a person does not have any record of domestic abuse, or if the information reveals no ‘pressing need for disclosure’.

Who is Clare’s Law named after?

The law is named after Clare Wood, who was murdered at her home in 2009 by her ex-boyfriend George Appleton – who was found dead six days later.

In the months before the murder she had made several complaints to police about Appleton’s behaviour towards her.

Although she had told her father that Appleton had a criminal record, she said it was only for motoring offences.

However it was later revealed that he had a history of violence against women and had spent time in prison for harassing another woman, and also for breaching a restraining order against another ex-girlfriend.

Coronation Street continues tonight on ITV at 7.30pm.

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