Where is The Innocent on Netflix filmed? Where is it set?

The Innocent trailer from Netflix

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The Innocent will be arriving on Netflix on April 30 and the miniseries is a highly anticipated thriller. The show will be made up of eight episodes, all of which will arrive on the streaming platform at the same time. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about where the series is filmed and set.

Where is The Innocent set?

The Spanish series follows a number of different storylines that are all connected in some way.

First off, viewers meet Mateo Vidal (played by Mario Casas), a man who spent time in prison for accidentally killing someone during a bar fight.

Following his prison stint, he reconnects with a former lover, Olivia Costa (Aura Garrido), who later becomes his wife.

However, she is hiding something big from Mateo and he ends up on a mission to find answers.

The other episodes move away from Mateo’s story and new characters are introduced.

Lorena Ortiz (Alexandra Jiménez) is a skilled detective and she too has a dark past.

She is investigating a suspicious death at a convent run by Hermana Irene (Susi Sánchez).

Coben’s novel The Innocent was his sixth stand-alone novel and it was originally published in 2005.

The synopsis for the TV adaptation says: “An accidental killing leads a man down a dark hole of intrigue and murder.

“Just as he finds love and freedom, one phone call brings back the nightmare.”

Where is The Innocent filmed?

Most of the filming for the series took place in Barcelona – a popular Spanish city and tourist hotspot.

The capital of Catalonia is a widely-used filming location for movies and TV series alike.

Not much else is known about the filming locations at this moment in time, but hopefully more information will come to light soon.

Author Coben explained why he chose Spain as a location to adapt one of his best-selling novels.

Speaking to Variety, he said: “When I signed the deal with Netflix the idea was that we were going to do these adaptations in a variety of countries, exploiting the wonderful talent in each one.

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“And, actually, in my very first meeting with Netflix they came to me and said, ‘We’ve got the perfect person for The Innocent.’

“I already knew Oriol Paulo’s work, and was a big fan.” Paulo was the lead writer on the series, and he also directed the episodes.

Netflix went into more detail about what fans can expect from the intense thriller series.

They said: “One night, Matt innocently tried to break up a fight and ended up a homicide.

“Now, nine years later, he’s trying to start from scratch with Olivia, his wife. A shocking call from Olivia’s phone while she’s on a business trip unsettles Matt, and he will start a frenetic race to discover the truth.

“His innocence will be questioned again, this time by Lorena, a police inspector investigating a suicide case.”

The series will leave fans on the edge of their seats as each episode ends with the ultimate cliffhanger.

The suspenseful instalments tell the same story from a different perspective each time, leaving fans continuously questioning each character.

Coben fans have already expressed their excitement, with one saying on YouTube: “ANYTHING by Harlan Coben is bound to be great!

“Honestly, Netflix should do a deal with him for EVERY book he’s written. And if you haven’t seen his other Netflix adaptations yet, do yourself a favour and watch them: The Five, Safe, The Stranger, and The Woods.”

The Innocent airs on Netflix on April 30.

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