Who is Bake Off 2020 finalist Dave?

THE long-awaited Bake Off final is here – and Dave Friday has made it into the last three.

The competitive baker will be taking on Laura and Peter in tonight's grand finale.

Who is Bake Off star Dave?

Dave is 30 years old and is an Armoured Guard.

He relied on the cooking of mum for his whole life, until he moved out to live with his girlfriend in their first home.

Then his love affair with baking began – now he bakes at least once a week and likes to incorporate baking gadgets.

He also loves punk rock music, cars and DIY, and has a cat and dog.

Dave welcomed his first child with his girlfriend in October.

How has Dave done on the show?

Dave started out a consistent, but unremarkable baker.

As the show went on, Dave's confidence picked up and he's now a force to be reckoned with. Prue even declared him the series' "most improved baker."

Dave's highlight of the series came when he was awarded star baker in biscuit week, after creating a beautiful Mexican table spread for his showstopper.

He also had a memorable run-in with fellow contestant Sura, who collided with Dave after swatting a fly.

His cakes fell to the floor and Sura won the round – fans thought it was deliberate sabotage.

Throughout the series, Dave has proven himself to be a great baker and a perfectionist, a combination which has impressed the judges.

His use of tropical flavours (a lot of lime and mango) have also set him apart from the bunch.

He shone in Japanese week, in which his showstopper cake was inspired by his dog, a Shiba Inu named Yoki.

Where is Dave from?

Dave is from Hampshire.

He shares both his bakes and snaps from his personal life on Instagram @dave_friday_bakes.

What has Dave said about being on Bake Off?

Dave has spoken about his new-found Bake Off fame.

He was even spotted by Bake Off fans while his girlfriend Stacey was giving birth.

He told The Sun: "The midwives and doctors asked where they knew me from. 

"The doctor who delivered Ronnie is a big fan of Bake Off so was very excited about it. I have been recognised a bit — even with a face mask on!" 

Dave had been desperate to appear on Bake Off,and said finally getting on the show "felt like a long build up and that there were many hurdles to overcome first.

He added: "It was a dream come true walking in on that first morning.”

Dave is a big Noel Fielding fan so admitted that "meeting Noel was a lifelong dream."

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