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WITH Line Of Duty back on our screens there is one question on everyone's lips – who is H?

It's something that has continued to intrigue audiences as AC-12 continue their hunt for the corrupt police officer at the heart of the BBC crime drama.

What do we know about 'H'?

  • The letter 'H' was first mentioned in Dot Cotton’s dying declaration.
  • However, could this be the first letter of a name i.e. Hastings, Hilton or could it be a codename as suggested in the series.
  • He (or she) seems to be a senior in the police force able to communicate with corrupt police officers and keep their name out of the investigation.
  • We also know they communicate with the balaclava gang by instant messenger to preserve anonymity.
  • Another clue is that the character spells "definitely" with an 'a' that could also give away clues about their accent. They have also benefited financially from balaclava's lucrative crimes.

Kate Fleming

Reddit is has been going nuts with theories that 'Kate-is-H' .

The basis of the theory comes mostly from the idea that Kate is too good to be true.

Both Ted Hastings and Steve Arnott have both done bad things in the past, but Kate appears to have a spotless record, leading some viewers to think she could be 'H', or at least involved with the OCG.

One Reddit user claimed that show creators have been hinting at this with all the references to nights when she was late home, suggesting she was out doing criminal dealings.

Kate's departure from AC-12 in season six has only fuelled rumours further.

Ted Hastings 

This theory gathered pace back in season 4.

It was after Hastings’ laptop pinged with an instant message just after we saw Lisa McQueen and John Corbett using IM to talk with ‘H’.

In addition, an unknown number calling Lisa mobile just as Hastings was ringing a number which didn’t pick up.

Hastings was also seen struggling financially, after a property investment in Ireland went wrong and his wife left him.

So he could be 'H', however the show's creator is implicating him so heavily that it seems a bit too easy.

Also his surname is Hastings, so having 'H' as a code name is rather too obvious.

DCC Andrea Wise

There are two clues pointing to Detective Chief Constable Andrea Wise being 'H'.

First was her determination to remove AC-12 from the investigation into Operation Pear Tree.

This has led fans to think she wants to take them out as they were getting too close to uncovering the truth.

The second clue is that she was the one to order a separate inquiry into Ted Hastings, leading people to suspect she wanted to frame him for being 'H'.

DCS Patricia Carmichael

Patricia was brought in during Series 5 to investigate Ted Hasting, but her case against him fell apart.

However some fans are convinced that her determination to put the spotlight on Ted was her way to get herself out of trouble.

Patricia is also Detective Chief Superintendent, so fans think she be using her high ranking as a way of running her own team of corrupt cops.

When is Line of Duty series six on BBC One?

Line Of Duty is back with season six's second episode tonight, Sunday (March 28, 2021).

You can catch it on BBC One at 9pm.

After it has aired it will be available on the iPlayer.

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