Who is Line of Duty's DSI Jo Davidson related to?

SEASON six of Line of Duty has returned in spectacular fashion, with the opening four episodes springing a number of surprises.

Episode four arguably boasted the most drama thus far, with its revelation that DSI Jo Davidson is related to someone on the police database – fans have already given their theories on who it might be…

Who is DSI Jo Davidson?

Formerly of Detective Chief Inspector rank, Police Officer Jo Davidson has worked her way up to the role of Detective Superintendent to play a key role in season 6 of the smash-hit series.

Prior to the events of Series 6, DSI Jo Davidson was assigned to the Murder Investigation Team (MIT) at Hillside Lane Station to act as Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) in Operation Lighthouse, which focused on the murder of journalist Gail Vella.

Following the arrest of DSU Ian Buckells, Davidson was promoted to rank of Acting Detective Superintendent in his place.

Who is DSI Jo Davidson related to?

After DCI Steve Arnott discovered a file with the identity of a blood relation to Joanne Davidson on the crime database, a number of Line of Duty fans are confident they have solved the mystery behind who she is related to, here are all the suspects.

John Corbett

There has long been a theory that late officer John Corbett and Davidson are related after a previous episode showed a picture of Davidson with her mother.

Excited viewers immediately noticed the striking similarities between the photo of Davidson's mother and the birth mother of John Corbett – the undercover officer involved in the Organised Crime Gang in series five.

Tommy Hunter

A notorious crime boss, Hunter was a prominent figure within the Organised Crime Gang.

Some eagled eyed fans noticed how DCI Arnott referred to the person in question as "he", as well as Jo Davidson and Tommy Hunter both originating from Scotland.

Ryan Pilkington

Episode four saw Pilkington and Davidson share a number of suspicious glances, leading some viewers to think there may be more than meets the eye with the duo.

Some fans have theorised that it is a possibility Pilkington could be trying to blackmail DSI Davidson to help with his undercover work for the Organised Crime Group.

Kate Fleming

The most outlandish theory of all given the pair seem to have struck up more of a romantic connection this series, but some fans think all the tension may be down to the fact the pair are sisters.

One fan took to Twitter to say: "OMG!! I think it might be Kate (though I can’t remember if we know much about Kate’s back story) .. because do you remember Jo had that old photo of her and what looked like a sister? (despite saying she had no family)".

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