Who is Phones 4u co-founder John Caudwell?

JOHN Caudwell lives the life of luxury after co-founding communications giant Phones4u.

Despite the fact he doesn't own the company any more, My Moneybags is a billionaire.

Who is John Caudwell?

John Caudwell, 67, was born on October 7, 1952, and is a British billionaire businessman and philanthropist who co-founded the mobile phone retailer Phones 4u.

In 1987 John and his brother Brian both registered Midland Mobile Phones as a mobile phone wholesaler, initially taking 26 Motorola mobiles at £1,350 each.

The business became the Caudwell Group – part of which was an independent mobile phone network service provider called Singlepoint and also Phones 4u.

In 2003 John sold Singlepoint to Vodafone for £405m and then in 2006 he sold his Phones 4u empire for £1.5billion.

What is John Caudwell's net worth?

Well John is certainly a VERY rich man.

According to the Sunday Times Rich List in 2020, he is worth £1.566 billion – down £10million from 2019.

The drop may be due to his costly refurbishment of his listed Mayfair mansion.

He is 91st on the Rich List.

Caudwell has pledged to give away 70 per cent of his wealth in his lifetime and donated £500,000 to the Tory party ahead of December’s election.

DoesJohn Caudwell own Britain's most expensive house?

He sure does.

John's Mayfair home is worth a staggering £250million.

The tycoon created the 15-bedroom pile by merging two mansions into one 43,000 sq ft property.

Set in a Portland stone, the building includes a 120-capacity ballroom, 15 bedrooms and eight floors.

The super-home is roughly the average size of 55 London flats and more than twice the size of the Royal Albert Hall.

Viewers of Channel 4's Britain's Most Expensive Home got to see it in all its glory.

Is John Caudwell married?

John was married to Kate McFarlane for 25 years, ending in 2001, and they had three children.

He then had a relationship with violinist Jane Burgess, and they had a daughter.

John was then in a long-term relationship with Claire Johnson for 15 years – they have a son but they separated in 2014.

His current partner is Lithuanian former cyclist Modesta Vžesniauskaitė, who is 31 years his junior.


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