Will There Be a Westworld Season 4?

As we watch Dolores Abernathy complete her evolution from innocent Little House on the Prairie puppet to Blade Runner–styled hero gone rogue, there’s still so little we know about her endgame. What does she really want? (World domination, probably.) Can she take out the massive data network that decides humans’ lives for them? And will the hosts live happily ever after?

There’s still so much Westworld Season 3 has yet to reveal, but it’s unlikely our questions can be answered in a single season. So, like the show has taught us, we’re looking to the future. Here’s what we know about Westworld Season 4.

Season 4 isn’t officially confirmed, but it’s almost definitely happening.

Season 3 has only just begun, so it’s not shocking there’s no official word on another chapter. In fact, it’s unlikely we’ll get any confirmation until Season 3 has finished airing. But we have good reason to believe the project is in the works, at least conceptually.

Show creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan told Variety they hope to make at least one more season to wrap up the Westworld story (and possibly more!). In less thrilling news, they’re tight-lipped about any details.

The next season probably won’t air until 2022.

Westworld is no sitcom. The story, sets, and visual effects require an enormous investment, and Joy and Nolan said it’s unlikely any follow-up will come earlier than 18 to 20 months after Season 3’s final episode.

“As Jonah and Lisa will tell you, I will always say, ‘Can we get it sooner?’” HBO programming chief Casey Bloys told Variety. “As shows get bigger and more complicated, I think more time between seasons is probably becoming more of the norm.”

We can expect most of the cast to return.

One nice thing about Westworld: When a character dies, chances are they aren’t really dead. (Either that, or their body will be replicated and used by a host. Semantics.) So that means we often see returning characters, such as Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte, even after their demise.

We have reason to expect our favorite characters, including Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve (Thandie Newton), and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), will return, but there’s no official announcement as to who has signed on.

Creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan will be involved.

Variety reported that in April 2019, Joy and Nolan left their deal at Warner Bros. Television, which HBO falls under, to sign a five-year deal with Amazon. But don’t worry too much about their conversion. They’re committed to seeing Westworld through to the end.

Bloys told The Wrap, “They are 100 percent hands on. We have deals with them for a potential fourth and fifth season. So the deal with them [at Amazon] is for, I believe, everything but ‘Westworld.’ And they’re very committed to ‘Westworld.’ So I’m not worried about losing their focus. They don’t lose focus.”

We don’t have any story details … yet.

We don’t yet know Dolores’s fate at the end of Season 3, so it’s unlikely we’ll get any Season 4 clues in the near future. But we can probably safely assume it takes place in Westworld’s “real world.” Now that the hosts have escaped the park and transitioned to the futuristic cities, it’s unlikely they’ll go back to park life easily.

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