Armed police search homes in quaint Devon market town

Armed police search homes in quaint Devon market town in manhunt after victim is stabbed as residents are told to stay indoors

  • Armed police spent more than an hour searching for a suspect in Totnes, Devon
  • Witnesses said police, equipped with a range of weapons, searched for suspects
  • A couple of officers were seen carrying plastic baton round launchers  
  • The victim was taken to hospital but was discharged after receiving treatment 

Armed police searched several properties looking for a suspect after a man was stabbed in Totnes, Devon. 

One witness told MailOnline, the victim was chased by three men before he was stabbed. 

Armed officers raced through the town searching for the suspects.

Armed police arrived at a building in Totnes, Devon after a man was stabbed this afternoon

Police surrounded the building with officers remaining at the scene for around 45 minutes 

Witnesses said they remained in the area for around 45 minutes searching for a suspect

A police helicopter provided top cover while officers on the ground searched for the offenders

Maya Ireson, 18, was visiting her mother when she saw a large number police arriving on the street outside the home. 

‘I couldn’t believe it, there was a riot team, SWAT and police. There were around 10 police cars and vans. They even had dogs. 

‘They were searching the flat in front of us. They spent around 45 minutes searching the building. 

‘There was a stabbing about five minutes away from our house and I think the police believed a suspect ran our direction. 

‘They came back a couple of times through the day.

‘It was a surprise as it is normally very quiet around here.’ 

One of the officers was carrying a weapon designed to carry less-than-lethal baton rounds

The stabbing happened in the Collapark area of Totnes. An air ambulance arrived and landed near the victim. 

Residents surrounding the area where the victim was stabbed were told by police to stay inside while they searched for the suspects.  

A local woman who lives nearby said: ‘It happened just before 2pm. I heard the noise of the ambulance. My next door neighbour just moved in yesterday. One of the other neighbours said someone ran through their garden.’  

A police source at the scene said: ‘There has been an assault. We are making efforts to locate the offender.’

According to Devon Live, police said it was no longer an ‘authorised firearms job’. 

A spokesperson said: ‘We’ve been unable to locate the offender at this time. 

‘Enquiries are still ongoing, but it’s no longer being run as an authorised firearms job so it’s going to be slow time enquiries now to track the offender down.

‘The victim has discharged himself from hospital.’

 MailOnline has approached Devon and Cornwall Police for a comment.  

The police were at the scene for almost an hour looking for a suspect 

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