Biden to REVERSE key Trump polices and will end 'Muslim ban' and rejoin Paris Climate Accord

PRESIDENT-ELECT Joe Biden will reportedly undo various portions of President Donald Trump’s agenda by signing executive orders quickly after he is sworn in on inauguration day.

The former vice president plans to rollback Trump policies including the “Muslim ban,” as well as rejoin the Paris climate accords and World Health Organization, people close to the Biden campaign told The Washington Post on Saturday. 

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Those moves, and a handful of other directives, would signal one of the most radical shifts in a presidential transition that the US has seen.

“The policy team, the transition policy teams, are focusing now very much on executive power,” an anonymous Biden ally in contact with the team said.

"I expect that to be freely used in a Biden administration at this point, if the Senate becomes a roadblock.”

Biden is expected to repeal Trump’s ban on most travel from a number of Muslim-majority countries. 

The president-elect previously pledged to rejoin the Paris climate accords through issuing an executive order, and will make do with that promise, the sources said. 

In addition, Biden will try to minimize climate change by convincing other countries to adopt higher standards for protecting the environment. 

Biden’s proposal to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and a $1.7trillion investment in a green recovery could reduce global warming by 0.1C and put the globe close to the Paris agreement goal, according to an analysis reported by The Guardian on Sunday. 

In addition, Biden will reinstate an Obama-era program granting “Dreamers” brought to the US illegally as children to stay in the country, according to The Post. 

Biden has also promised to push a bill to Congress repealing liability protections for gun makers, close background check loopholes for owning firearms, and overturn Republican-passed tax cuts from three years ago. 

Besides rejoining the World Health Organization, which Trump pulled out of in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, Biden plans to move quickly on a science-based approach to dealing with the pandemic.

Biden has announced he will form a coronavirus task force on Monday that could convene within days 

Democratic Senator Christopher Coons said Biden would quickly speak with leaders in a bipartisan manner on managing the virus. 

Coons told The Post that Biden’s agenda at the start of his tenure on Jan. 20 will be to “get us out of this pandemic that’s been made far worse by Trump’s bungled mishandling of it, rebuild our economy in a way that’s more sustainable and more inclusive, and deal with division and inequality.”

People close to Biden have acknowledged that the former vice president may rely on executive actions more than he had hoped, especially if Republicans hold on to the majority in the Senate. 

Biden’s top advisers have apparently been working with hundreds of transition officers for months and have compiled a book with his campaign commitments as a guidance for his first actions in the White House. 

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