Boy rescues lamb trapped in a drainage ditch

Boy rescues lamb trapped in a drainage ditch…. only for it to leap straight back in

  • Mother Azieva Radima, from Grozny, Russia, watches son free the trapped lamb
  • Young boy pulls the lamb out of the narrow ditch and watches it flee the scene
  • Just seconds later, the animal accidentally leaps straight back into the hole  

This is the comical moment a trapped lamb is rescued from a drainage ditch before jumping straight back in just seconds later. 

Footage captured by mother Azieva Radima, from Grozny in Chechnya, Russia, shows her son try to free the helpless lamb as it lies trapped in the narrow ditch near their home.

However just seconds later the freed lamb accidentally leaps straight back into the hole as it tries to flee the scene.

Mother Azieva Radima, from Grozny in Chechnya, Russia, watches her son try to free the lamb trapped in the narrow drainage ditch

The young boy pulls the animal’s hind leg in an attempt to free the helpless creature

During the clip, which was filmed on April 15, Ms Radima’s son approaches the narrow ditch and begins to pull the lamb’s hind leg.

After a brief struggle, the animal is released and hops away from the scene.

Just seconds later, the lamb attempts to leap over the ditch only to find itself plunging back into the very same hole it has just been released from.

Ms Radima told Viral Hog: ‘My son was returning home from school and noticed a lamb in a trench. He made several attempts to help but he did not succeed. 

‘He came home and asked me to help. 

‘We filmed the video for home viewing but then decided to upload it in order to encourage others not to leave animals in trouble.’

Ms Radima later took to Instagram to reveal the trapped lamb had been saved.

The lamb begins to run away after it is freed but it soon finds itself jumping straight back into the ditch

The lamb finds itself trapped one again in the narrow ditch just seconds later

Social media users took to Facebook to share their thoughts on the comical footage

The comical clip has since been met with an array of comments from amused viewers on social media.

One user wrote: ‘It just hopped from one crack to another.’

While another commented: ‘Yeah spot on sums up my life in four seconds.’

Another person added: ‘Should have gone to Specsavers.’

And one person said: ‘Oh no, not again.’

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