Boy sees mum and two siblings crushed to death as building collapses

A young boy watched in horror as his mum and two younger siblings were crushed to death when a building collapsed.

Fouzia Taofiq, 38, and her children Soulaymane Hannach were killed instantly by falling bricks and mortar in Albizzate, near Milan in Italy, yesterday.

Fouzia’s 15-month-old daughter Yaoucut was pulled from the rubble and rushed to hospital, but sadly died shortly after the incident.

The family were crushed when a decorative cornice measuring almost 230ft long suddenly fell from the old factory building, pulling a large part of the connecting wall down with it.

Another woman, 42, was also hit though he injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

One witness told Reppublica: ‘Across the street was the eldest son of the dead woman. He was in tears, he asked about his mother.
‘I took him to the supermarket until his dad, who was at work, arrived.’

Heartbroken dad and partner Noureddin Hannach, who works nearby as a mechanic, arrived at the scene as rescuers were still attempting to recover his family.

He reportedly called the disturbing scene a ‘slaughterhouse’.
‘I did not sleep… We were married since 2007.’

Mayor Mirko Zorzo, whose office is in the building, narrowly avoided being crushed in the collapse.

He said: ‘I am upset, at the moment I do not feel like commenting much. I am talking with emergency services to reconstruct what happened.’

A supermarket and a pizzeria were also in the converted premises.
A ‘twin’ building on the same street has been closed as a precautionary measure.

Local prosecutors have opened a manslaughter investigation to determine if any person or organisation is to blame.

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