Can we meet halfway? See where your 5km bubble meets your buddy’s

The 5km rule is one of the biggest constraints on the daily life of Melburnians in the current lockdown. One thing that has eased a touch recently is rules around socialising. We can now meet up with people from another household for two hours provided neither group leaves their 5km bubble and there are not more than five people involved.

But with visits to each other's houses still not allowed, where to go and will one of you break the 5km rule meeting with your friend?

The interactive tool below aims to answer those questions. It asks you to enter a pair of streets and suburbs to generate a guide on the map showing where people from the two places can meet up.

NOTE: The map tool takes the mid-point of the street name so if you live on a long road you may get a more accurate result if you pick a nearby shorter street.

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