Chris Cuomo’s wife reveals CNN host is still tired as his ‘scary’ lung X-ray is revealed during coronavirus battle – The Sun

Chris Cuomo’s wife revealed her husband is still tired, as the CNN host shared his ‘scary’ lung X-ray during his coronavirus battle.

The updates on Chris' condition came just a week after his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, revealed the CNN anchor's diagnosis.

Crristina Cuomo, Chris' wife, said "Every day is a gift," as she shared a picture on Instagram of the two smiling, along with other pictures of juices and supplements her husband is taking as he battles the COVID-19.

"After one week of up and down symptoms—chills, body aches, total exhaustion, sleeplessness, and a fever that hit 103, he is on day 11 today, (day 1 being first day of allergy-like symptoms)—he seems slightly better, but still feels the incredible lethargy, with fever down to 99 for past 3 days," Cristina wrote.

"His Oxygen levels (tested daily on a finger Oximeter) were normal all week.

"He has maintained his sense of taste and smell, but not his usual hearty Italian appetite. His lungs were x-rayed yesterday and they were mostly clear," she added.

Cristina's post came just the day before Chris went on home network CNN to discuss his "scary" lung X-ray with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

"If you have coronavirus, your big fear in most cases is that it's going to get your lungs," Cuomo said.

"That's what it wants. It wants your lungs," he said of the virus.

Cuomo described how over the weekend his fever began to go down – but he then felt the virus "come into my chest."

He then shared pictures of his lungs, and with help from medical reporter and neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta, described what doctors look for in lung X-rays of coronavirus patients.

"What we're looking in the lungs are big white areas," Cuomo added.

Gupta said that doctors will look for areas of inflammatory fluid in the lungs, called an "infiltrate."

"The black areas are the air in your lungs," Gupta said.

"They would look for some of those areas to be filled with white spots.

The doctor made it clear he was not going to diagnose Cuomo on-air, as the CNN host had his own doctors and specialists look at the X-rays.

Gupta pointed out some white pockets amid the black on Cuomo's lung X-rays.

"In the middle of the chest X-ray there, you can see you have a little bit of infiltrates.

"It looks pretty good – maybe a little bit of fluid build-up there, but not anything that I would definitively call pneumonia, which is what they're trying to diagnose," Gupta said.

Gupta said that doctors will not solely use lung X-rays to diagnose pneumonia, but that they are often play a major role in helping doctors make the diagnosis.

"It is scary to have your lungs go up there, and see this stuff – be like: What is that?" Cuomo said.

"It's like that smoke in there. And they tell you, 'Yeah. That's the virus. It's in there. It's in you, and you have to fight to keep it out.'

Cuomo added: "I'm doing fine, I don't have pneumonia – but if I want to stay that way, I gotta have some things fall in my favor."

The CNN anchor is just one of more than 383,256 people in the U.S. to test positive for COVID-19.

Cuomo previously shared he hallucinated seeing his dead father, and said he shivered so much he chipped his tooth as he fought intense fevers due to COVID-19.

His diagnosis made both his brother Andrew, and co-worker Don Lemon emotional, emotional as the potential severity of the virus hitting a loved one struck them.

Andrew said that while his brother is young and healthy, the diagnosis was "disturbing" as no one could say when his brother could recover.

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