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THE CORONAVIRUS death toll could be 15 per cent higher than reported after almost 800 hidden deaths outside of hospital were today revealed.

New official figures show 21 per cent of all deaths in England and Wales up to April 3 were caused by coronavirus.

In England up to April 3 – but registered up to April 11 – 5,979 mentioned coronavirus on the death certificate, compared with 5,186 deaths in hospitals during the same period.

That means 793 more people in the country have died outside of hospital as a result of the deadly bug.

This comes as the current lockdown is set to continue for at least three more weeks with the peak of the pandemic still days away.
Stand-in PM Dominic Raab is set to announce on Thursday the country's restrictions will stay in place until at least May 7.

In yesterday's press conference Dominic Raab said there are signs the lockdown is working.

The government's chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance said social distancing measures are “reducing transmission within the community”, with the number of confirmed cases appearing to be flattening.

However, he added the coming week is set to be “difficult” as the death toll continues to increase, though this will later plateau.

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    Finance minister Rishi Sunak has said the government is not facing a choice between slowing the spread of the coronavirus or protecting the economy.

    He told the BBC: “It's clear we must defeat this virus as quickly as possible.

    “That is not a choice between health and economics. That defies common sense.”


    Ministers are facing questions as the UK's death rate is now 2.5 times worse than Ireland's – after they started to lock down the country two weeks earlier.

    Leo Varadkar's government has seen far fewer cases as a result of their first coronavirus shutdown measures, which came far before ours.

    Some analysts now believe that this early intervention has helped stop the spread of the coronavirus – but experts are divided on the impact.

    By last night Ireland had reported 10,647 cases of Covid-19 and just 365 deaths.

    That works out at around seven per 100,000 of the population.

    However, Britain had reported 11,329 deaths, nearly 17 per 100,000 of the population.


    The First Minister announced plans to invest a further £1 million in services to support mental health, on top of a commitment of £3.3 million made in recent weeks.

    Nicola Sturgeon said the increase in funding would allow for the expansion of the use of distress brief interventions (DBIs), as well as pay for a Scotland-wide marketing campaign.

    DBIs allow adults in emotional distress to speak to mental health workers.

    The First Minister added: “Crucially, the service allows people to talk to the same person several times over days or weeks and for some people, we know that the ability to establish a rapport with those helping them can make a big difference.”


    The First Minister has said that reports of personal protective equipment distribution being concentrated in England were of concern to the Scottish Government.

    Speaking in today's daily coronavirus briefing, the First Minister said: “I want to be clear about my view, and I hope that no one thinks this is in any way a point of a political nature, it is a point about fairness and co-operation as all of us deal with the challenge of this virus.

    “All parts of the UK are facing supply challenges on PPE, indeed this is a global issue, so any situation where supplies were being diverted from one part of the UK to the other without consultation or any sense of co-operation would clearly be unconscionable and unacceptable.”


    A further 40 coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Scotland over the past 24 hours, bringing the country's total death toll from the virus to 615.

    Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that as of 9am this morning, Scotland had 6,358 positive cases of the bug.

    It is an increase of 291 from the figures reported yesterday.

    The First Minister added that 1,798 patients are in Scottish hospitals with confirmed or suspected covid-19.

    She confirmed that 196 people were in intensive care – a decrease of 15 on the figures reported yesterday.

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