Downing Street cat sees off FOX in scrap behind Prime Minister's home

The fur flies at Number Ten: Larry the Downing Street cat sees off rival FOX in scrap behind Prime Minister’s home

  • Larry the Downing Street cat was photographed chasing away a territorial rival
  • Photos show the chief mouser facing off against a fix behind Cabinet Officer
  • After intense stare-off, Larry successfully chases the fox out of the green space

An unwanted visitor was chased away from Downing Street after Larry the cat saw off a fox from behind Number 10.

In a series of images revealed the tense encounter between Downing Street resident Larry and the fox, who is also believed to be a regular on the street. 

The fox wanders through bushes and plants in a garden behind Downing Street, unaware that it is being watched.

Perched on top of a wooden bench, Downing Street’s chief mouser, observed the intruder strolling into his territory.

It’s not until the fox approaches the bench that Larry makes his move, with photos showing the cat staring at the fox before chasing it from the garden. 

February marked the 10-year anniversary of Larry moving into Downing Street to help deal with mice. 

Last month it was revealed that Larry had piled on the pounds during lockdown, with a memo being sent to Downing Street staff to cut down on the treats he was being fed. 

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Not a care in the world: A fox, believed to be a regular visitor at Downing Street, cuts a casual figure as it wanders between the plants behind the Cabinet Office earlier today

Who goes there? The fox pulls away in shock as it approaches a wooden bench in the garden as it sees Larry the Downing Street cat for the first time

What are you staring at? An intense stare off begins as Larry peers down at the intruding fox from the safety of the bench, while the fox, with its mouth hanging open, appears focused solely on Downing Street’s chief mouser

Almost as if challenging Larry, the fox appears to let out a yelp and assumes a slightly lower stance than before, while Larry continues to stare down from on high

Realising Larry isn’t prepared to blink first, the fox appears to start backing off, its mouth now closing and its head leaning back as if preparing to make a quick exit

Larry, realising he has the upper-hand, finally makes his move and begins edging forward on the bench, with the fox continuing to back away

Without looking back, the fox scampers from the garden behind the Cabinet Officer and flees into Downing Street after being challenged by Larry

Sitting proudly in the wake of his victory, Larry takes a moment to observe Downing Street after having chased off the fox

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