'Drunk' driver Jessica Beauvais told cops 'I did hear a thump' after 'killing NYPD officer who was thrown 200ft in air'

A DRIVER accused of mowing down and killing an NYPD officer admitted when she was finally stopped: "I did hear a thump", reports say.

Jessica Beauvais, 32, claimed she did not know she'd hit highway officer Anastasios Tsakos, who was reportedly thrown out of his boots and landed 200ft down the road.

The impact caved in the windshield of her maroon Volkswagen and left a huge dent in the hood.

But she drove on past several exits on the Long Island expressway until cops finally caught up and forced her to stop, court documents allege.

She mounted a curb, put her car into reverse and rammed a police car twice, prosecutors say.

After her arrest, Long Island podcaster Beauvais can be heard in bodycam video asking cops: "What did I do?"

And according to the court papers she told officers: "I don't know why they stopped me. Speeding, I guess.

"I did hear a thump, so I knew I hit something, but I didn't see what it was."

Dad-of-two Tsakos, a 14-year veteran of the force, was directing traffic after another accident when he was fatally injured in Queens at 2am on Tuesday.

According to the NY Daily News, officers "ran for their lives" when they saw the VW hurtling towards them.

Tsakos, 43, was reportedly hit so hard he was flung out of his knee-high police issue boots and landed 200ft away on a grass median strip.

Hours earlier, Beauvais had been in a studio recording her Face The Reality radio podcast.

She posted a two-hour video of the broadcast on her Facebook page showing her smoking and drinking shots.

During the show she ranted about the "justice system" following the guilty verdict for killer cop Derek Chauvin, bragged about carrying a knife, and played NWA's anti-cop anthem F*** Tha Police.

And she said police officers had "signed up for potential death like in the army" and it's "part of the job" that people "might try to f***ing kill you."

Beauvais, whose license was suspended, admitted drinking wine and tequila on the night and said she regularly smokes weed, court papers say.

Her blood alcohol was double the legal limit two hours after the crash.

She offered a tearful apology as she was led out of the 107th Precinct in handcuffs to her court arraignment.

As she was put in a cop car she sobbed: "I'm sorry. I’m sorry that I hit him and now he’s dead."

She is being held without bail on a string of federal charges including vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment and fleeing the scene of a fatal crash.

Yesterday grieving colleagues were seen bringing food and flowers to the home of Officer Tsakos' widow Irene and their kids aged six and three.

Relatives remembered him as a deeply committed policeman and a kind soul who was always eager to help others.

Brother Teddy Tsakos, 42, told Newsday: "My brother was an amazing guy. He would help people out left and right.

"That’s what most cops do. You don’t hear about it on the news. You only hear the bad things.

"He had his whole life ahead of him. It was cut short."

Neighbor Moyra Bletsch said: "You came out your door to get to your driveway, he screamed ‘Hello. How are you?'

"That was him. He was wonderful."

School teacher Simone Giacalone, who lives next door, described the family as "the most incredible people you could ever meet".

She added: "The little one will grow up never really knowing his father. It’s just heartbreaking."

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio hailed the officer as a "hero" and added: "My heart goes out to Officer Tsakos' family. This is a devastating loss."

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said it was "devastating to speak to his widow" and that "two young children are going to grow up without a father".

And New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Tsakos' death "reminds us of the risks taken by all who serve".

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