Ex-Rep. Katie Hill defends unlikely friend GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz after son bombshell

It’s an oddball, across-the-aisle friendship that a polarized Washington rarely sees these days.

Conservative Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and progressive former California Rep. Katie Hill, a Democrat, could hardly be more opposite in their politics — but now each has stuck up for the other when their personal lives messily exploded into separate public feeding frenzies.

“I can’t stand a lot of his beliefs, but he’s been there for me when others haven’t,” Hill tweeted in Gaetz’s defense on Thursday, after his bombshell revelation that he’s the proud adopted father of a teenaged Cuban-immigre son.

Gaetz stood up for Hill back in October.

He issued a strong defense of the 32-year-old pol when her sex life — including an admitted affair with a campaign staffer and allegations that she’d also bedded a congressional aide — became tabloid fodder, complete with the embarrassing leaking of her nude photos.

Hill resigned after being dubbed the “Throuple” congresswoman, and blamed the leaked photos on the husband she was divorcing.

“This is just absurd,” Gaetz tweeted after the House Ethics Committee announced an investigation into the alleged, rules-violating affair with the aide, which Hill has steadfastly denied.

“The only person who seems to have a gripe is @RepKatieHill’s soon-to-be ex,” Gaetz tweeted. “Who among us would look perfect if every ex leaked every photo/text?” he tweeted.

“Katie isn’t being investigated by Ethics or maligned because she hurt anyone – it is because she is different,” he added.

“I serve on Armed Services with Katie and while we frequently disagree on substance, she is always well-prepared, focused and thoughtful.”

On Thursday, Hill returned the favor.

“He was never ‘hiding’ his son,” she tweeted, clapping back against cruel, internet chatter accusing Gaetz of using his son politically, to boost his credibility after recent heated arguments over Black Lives Matter issue.

Hill noted the strangeness of their alliance.

“Many of you know @mattgaetz & I have an unlikely friendship,” she tweeted.

“He talks about Nestor more than anything, has done so much for his son & is truly a proud dad. This #freenestor thing is bullshit. Stop,” she said of a trending hashtag attacking Gaetz.

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