Families with young kids stuck in 'disgusting' mould-infested council houses for years

FAMILIES with young kids claim they have been forced to live in "disgusting," mould-infested council houses for years.

Frustrated tenants in Essex say they have been complaining to Thurrock Council for years but it won't rehouse them even with a doctor's letter.

Pregnant mums and families with young children and babies have been allegedly forced to live in horrific conditions, in mould and damp-infested homes.

They say they feel " completely ignored" by the council and claim it has refused to address the issues.

In some cases, the tenants have developed health conditions or believe that existing health issues have been exacerbated due to their circumstances.

I think [the council] see us as scum – as nobodies who are a burden to society.

And despite doctor's letters advising to rehome them, seen by the Metro, authorities say they are not eligible for medical priority housing.

Almost 200 frustrated tenants have formed a support group and some have even hired solicitors in a bid to resolve the matter.

The group's admin Ronny Scott, 27, who lived in mould for nine years told Metro: "I think [the council] see us as scum – as nobodies who are a burden to society.

"That is the way they treat many of the tenants and they know that they can get away with it."

The council often pays for mould washes to be carried out, but tenants say the problem remains, leaving them having to pay extra to replace their fungus-covered belongings.

Georgia Easter and Richard McKenna-Botton had requested the council to solve the mould issue before bringing home their premature baby daughter, who was born with serious breathing issues.

Back in February Mr McKenna informed the council that his baby daughter Leah was in hospital with a lung infection, after spending two weeks at home.

Sadly Leah died two days later with a post-mortem showing she suffered rare and fatal lung disease alveolar capillary dysplasia (ACD), though it is unknown what caused the condition.

Ms Easter said: "It basically took my daughter to pass to finally get a surveyor and to do anything more than a mould wash.

It basically took my daughter to pass to finally get a surveyor

"I should’ve just been able to grieve instead of pestering the council."

Despite the attempts to fix the issue, the problem remainsand the couple's eldest daughter has been forced to sleep in the living room.

Ms Easter said she has provided letters to the council from her five-year-old daughter's play therapist but alleges it has ignored them.

"It’s been awful. Especially when I kept finding all of my belongings completely covered in mould.

"I just burst into tears because I thought 'I can’t keep buying new stuff'. It’s very depressing."

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said all reports of mould or dampness were reviewed and if severe, a surveyor was sent to the property.

They added: "Thurrock Council takes its responsibilities as a landlord and housing provider extremely seriously and the wellbeing of all its tenants remains a continued high priority.

"Any suggestion that the council discriminates on socio-economic background or race are entirely untrue and any claim to the contrary is completely without foundation."


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