Ghislaine Maxwell 'more likely than ever' to spill beans on Epstein’s pals like Prince Andrew to avoid 'dying in prison'

GHISLAINE Maxwell is more likely than ever to strike a "tell-all" deal with US prosecutors as she fears dying behind bars, say reports.

The 58-year-old was dealt a hammer blow on Tuesday when a New York judge ruled she must stay in jail until her trial on child sex charges next July.

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With Maxwell now facing decades in prison if found guilty, there is talk in US legal circles she may spill the beans in a bid to seal a deal.

And the Mirror has reported how one insider claims that could be bad news for Jeffrey Epstein's powerful friends – including Prince Andrew.

The insider said: ­“She and her legal team thought there was a real chance she would be granted her freedom until her trial.

"But today she awoke for the first time knowing she won’t be out for at least a year.

“Make no mistake though it is not just Andrew who Ghislaine has knowledge of.

“When faced with possibly dying in prison what would anyone do?”

The prince, 60, is reportedly locked in talks with his lawyers over his friendship with twisted Epstein.

Federal prosecutors want to talk to the royal amid claims he slept with Epstein "sex slave" Virginia Roberts when she was just 17.

He has strenuously denied the allegations, insisting he had "no recollection" of meeting his accuser.

Maxwell is under mounting pressure to win over those looking to jail her after they revealed she had failed to cooperate with them over the name of her secret spouse.

The shocking revelation came as Epstein's so-called pimp pleaded not guilty via video link to charges related to his sex trafficking ring.

On Wednesday, we reported how a lawyer for Epstein's victims claimed Maxwell broke down in tears at the hearing because she knows she faces being in jail for the rest of her life.

American attorney Lisa Bloom said: "She cried at the end when bail was denied and she probably knows she's going to be incarcerated at least until the trial starts and maybe for the rest of her life.

"I'm sure that was real. The consequences of her actions are catching up with her."

We also reported how Maxwell’s under-pressure guards must now keep her alive for more than a year ahead of her high-profile trial.

The former warden of the Metropolitan Detention Center says the Brit should prepare for the worst over the next 12 months as fellow inmates will see attacking her as a “badge of honour”.

Maxwell is being regularly moved around as authorities fear someone will try and kill her in prison.

A source revealed: “She is being moved from cell to cell and sometimes has a cellmate, sometimes not.”

The authorities “are terrified someone will try to kill her so they keep moving her around”, the insider revealed.

“Jeffrey Epstein died behind bars and they are terrified someone will try to kill Ghislaine,” the source added.

“She was initially given paper clothes to wear because she's a suicide risk but is now wearing a prison regulation khaki shirt and trousers.”

The Sun Online has already reported how terrified federal officials were so worried Jeffrey Epstein’s “pimp” might take her own life they took away her clothes and bedsheets.

The steps to ensure Maxwell’s safety while she’s locked up in New York extend far beyond the measures federal officials took when they first arrested her in New Hampshire last week.

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