Grade II-listed coffin-shaped house has sold

You’ll be dying to live here! Grade II-listed coffin-shaped house was built by a man whose father-in-law said he would rather his daughter be dead than let her marry him

  • The unique home in Brixham, Devon was sold for £410,000 after being put on the market over the summer
  • The designer was so saddened by his future-father-in-law comment, he built the home in the shape of a coffin
  • Built in 1736, ‘Ye Olde Coffin House’ has been used as an inn, a clock shop and a spiritual store over 300 years 

A home built in the shape of a coffin by a man who’s father-in-law said he’d rather his daughter die than have her marry him has sold for £410,000.

The unusual property in Brixham, Devon was snapped up after being put on sale in the summer.

The home successfully won over a difficult father-in-law to allow the designer to marry the woman he loved.

After asking the father of his future bride for his daughter’s hand in marriage, the father is believed to have said: ‘I would rather see my daughter in a coffin than wed to you.’

‘Ye Olde Coffin House’ was built in 1736 by a man who’s future father-in-law told him he would rather see his daughter dead than marry him

Estate agents have said that it is in the living room, in the heart of the house that the unusual shape can really be felt, as can be seen here       

After taking the comment to heart, the rejected suitor then went off to construct his future martial home in the shape of one.

So impressed with his actions, the father allowed the wedding to take place.

Built in 1736, the Grade II listed home – formerly known as Ye Olde Coffin House – has had various uses over the past 300 years.

Most recently it was run as a ‘spiritual’ store but had previously been a clock shop and an inn before being repurposed back into a three bedroom home.

It sits across three storeys and has a large dining room, study room and pantry.

The future father-in-law was so impressed with the design, he allowed the marriage to go ahead. The home is now a grade II listed building

The home has three bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a study, large dining room, living room and pantry spread out across three storeys

Each of the rooms in the three-bedroom home narrows at one end, much like it would were the home an actual over-sized casket

Many of the rooms throughout the home narrow just as they would were it a real-life over-sized casket. 

A spokesperson for Stags Estate Agents said: ‘The Coffin House is renowned and famous for its memorable shape and the building has had many uses throughout the years, including as an inn, a restaurant and a clock shop and currently running for 12 years successfully as a spiritual store.

‘The building itself is detached with the shop on the lower ground floor and a larger than expected stand alone home above.’

‘The three storey home has its own entrance and includes a spacious sitting and dining room, a snug or study area, a well fitted kitchen with large pantry and three bedrooms.’

The estate agents added that the ground floor sitting room was where you can ‘really appreciate the shape of the building.’

The home is well known in the area for the famous story of the man who won over his future father-in-law by building the home in the shape of a coffin

Over the past 300 years, the home has doubled up as various businesses, including a restaurant, an inn, a clock shop and more recently a ‘spiritual store’

The floor plan for the ground floor shows just how much the unique home resembles a coffin with the sitting room being the most casket-like room in the house

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