Herd of DEER make themselves at home on East London estate leaving residents stunned

AMAZED residents caught a herd of wild deer grazing on their door-steps on a housing estate in East London.

The deer soon made themselves at home in the Romford estate and were grazing on patches of grass and lying down under the trees.

Resident Alex Sarzi-Sartori, 36, said: "My neighbour came to tell me. He joked that because he is 90, if I didn't see it for myself I would think he had gone doolally.

"I opened the window and the deer were just right there, right in front of our houses – just chilling in the shade of a tree.

"I quickly grabbed my camera and I went out and taking photos, I have a long lens so I could take them from quite a distance."

Soon the entire neighbourhood stepped out to watch the beautiful creatures.

The amateur photographer added: "It was really nice to see people come out. I met more people in that hour than the five years I have lived here.

"My neighbour has lived here for many decades – since back when it was just fields in front of the house – and he has never seen deer here before."

The deer had ambled across the busy A12 to reach Harold Hill, Romford, from their home in nearby Dagnam Park, and are believed to be one of just a handful of breeding herds in the park.

Many curious animal-lovers have travelled to get a glimpse of the wild animals but local conservation group Harold Hill Deer Aid have issued a stark warning to stay away.

A Deer Aid spokesperson said: "Although people may think it's great to come and see our beautiful deer, people must remember that they are wild and unpredictable animals and they are putting themselves and our beautiful deer at danger.

"We at Deer Aid are rushed off of our feet with up to 30 calls a day concerning people feeding them the wrong foods or dangerous spots, letting their infant children hand feed them for a selfie or chase after the deer -which is absolutely dangerous and totally irresponsible – to deer in area that is not their natural habitat… The list goes on."

In January, a child suffered a head injury and fractured ribs after being struck by a deer fleeing a dog in Bushy Park, in Richmond on Thames.

They added: "This last year has been a nightmare with the influx of 'visitors' coming from all different areas and [it] has started to resemble a circus [with] increased accidents and injuries to our deer.

"We strongly urge people NOT to come to the area, not to feed them and to please leave the deer alone if they walk or run away from you and not to chase after them 'just for a photo' as this can and has had serious consequences in the past."

The brazen deer are not the only animals venturing into built-up areas since the coronavirus lockdown.

Earlier this month, a herd of mountain goats 'took over' the town of Llandudno, Wales, causing chaos in the quiet village.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, the goats missed out on their annual contraceptive jab, causing a spike in breeding over lockdown.

The take-over has caused frustration from locals, who say the goats have been holding up traffic, and invading gardens.

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