Here's what to do if you didn't receive the first two stimulus checks

IF you have yet to receive your $1,400 stimulus payment, it may still be on its way, and could possibly come with extra "plus-up" cash.

The IRS issued another batch of 2.3million overdue stimulus checks last week, worth $4.2billion in total, to eligible taxpayers who previously received less money than they are entitled.

Out of last week's checks, 900,000 went to people who had recently filed tax returns and 1.2million included "plus-up" payments for those who did not receive the full amount previously.

If you were owed more than you received in stimulus cash, you could be in line for an extra bonus payment.

This could be the case if you did not file taxes for the fiscal years of 2019 and 2020.

According to the IRS, the bonus payments will go out to "people who earlier in March received payments based on their 2019 tax returns but are eligible for a new or larger payment based on their recently processed 2020 tax returns."

The agency has also set up a useful “Get My Payment” tool for Americans to check the status of their payment and how much they are due.

“Each week we're sending the third round of Economic Impact Payments to eligible individuals as we continue to process tax returns,” the explanation on the site reads. 

“If you haven't received a payment yet, it doesn't mean you won't."

Another indicator to watch for is Notice 1444-C, a letter from President Biden that you should receive in the mail if the stimulus check you received is smaller than expected.

The letter is set to arrive 15 days after you receive your stimulus check as a form of confirmation.

Taxpayers who are missing stimulus cash can also submit a Recovery Rebate Credit form, which allows taxpayers to claim missing money from the previous $1,200 and $600 stimulus relief programs.

Check the Recovery Rebate Credit section on the IRS website for a step-by-step guide on how to submit for the tax credit.

If you have children, you are in line to benefit from Biden's recently passed child tax credit.

Joe Biden's American Families Plan puts 39million households with dependents inline to receive up to $3,600 for the rest of the year per child.

Families with kids younger than six will be able to claim up to $300 per dependent.

Households will be able to claim up to $250 per month for dependents between the ages of six and 17.

The first check will reach bank accounts by July 15 and subsequent payments will be made on the 15th day of each month.

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