LA woman harassed in Lisa Alexander mixup, with ‘Karen’ victim coming to her aid

A woman says she’s getting harassed because she’s been mistaken for the California “Karen’‘ who accosted a man over “Black Lives Matter” chalk art on his own building — to the point where even the guy has come to her defense.

“Please, I have no affiliation with LAFace (Lisa Alexander Face) Products. She is located in San Francisco. I am in Los Angeles (hence the LA in MyLAFace). My business is being falsely targeted because of a name coincidence,” Melissa Milos tweeted Saturday — the day after a woman named Lisa Alexander called the cops on building owner James Juanillo in San Francisco over his chalk art.

Juanillo tweeted early Tuesday, “Guys, Send MyLAFace in Los Angeles, some serious online love and locally some business! I’m a small business owner myself and I’m NOT OKAY with hurting Melissa Milos business for a coincidence. Show MyLAFace some LOVE!!!!”

On Friday, Alexander had demanded that Juanillo stop writing “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on a low wall outside his building, claiming she knew the owner and that the Filipino man was violating the law, as her partner filmed the confrontation. Alexander — quickly dubbed a “Karen” on social media, a derogatory term for perceived privileged white women — ended up calling the cops on Juanillo, who owns the building and was doing nothing wrong.

Alexander has since publicly apologized to Juanillo, but not before at least one makeup company stopped carrying her skincare line over the incident. Her partner also lost his job with the wealth-management company Raymond James.

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