Long Island burglars thought they would get away because of coronavirus

A pair of serial burglars who thought they could commit break-ins with impunity because cops are busy handling the coronavirus crisis were busted Tuesday, according to officials.

Joseph Porter, 31, and Rebecca Wood, 23, were both arrested around 11:20 a.m in Bay Shore for multiple burglaries throughout Suffolk County, police said.

Cops put the pieces together after realizing the duo’s Hyundai Santa Fe fit the same description of a vehicle used in previously reported burglaries.

Porter admitted to investigators that he believed he would get away scot-free because law enforcement was preoccupied with COVID-19 challenges, police said.

The pair were both slapped with several burglary and attempted burglary charges in connection to a string of 11 incidents that began on March 9.

The burglaries took place at a variety of garages, repair shops, and gas stations, police said.

Porter was charged separately with one additional burglary at a car wash on Sunrise Highway Mar. 29.

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