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A senior judge in New York blasted the conditions of two notorious federal jails in the city during a recent sentencing hearing — saying they are run by “morons” who subject prisoners to disgusting conditions, according to a court transcript.

Manhattan federal court Judge Colleen McMahon ranted about the inhumane conditions at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan and the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn during the sentencing of convicted drug dealer, Tiffany Days.

McMahon said the lockups were “run by morons” who fail to “do anything meaningful” about conditions at the jails, according to the transcript of the April 29 sentencing hearing.

The judge added wardens at the facilities, “cycle repeatedly, never staying for longer than a few months or even a year,” according to the transcript.

Days, who pleaded guilty to dealing cocaine and ecstasy in the Bronx, had been held in the MCC — the notorious jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in 2019 — prior to her sentencing.

The troubled jail was placed on lockdown last year when a handgun was smuggled into the facility — but no charges were ever filed in the case.

“There is no continuity, there is no leadership, there is no ability to get anything done. They lurch from crisis to crisis, from the gun smuggling to Jeffrey Epstein, none of which is the fault of Ms. Days or any of the other inmates I have sentenced or will sentence,” the judge said.

“It is the finding of this Court that the conditions to which she was subjected are as disgusting, inhuman as anything I’ve heard about any Colombian prison, but more so because we’re supposed to be better than that,” she added.

McMahon said she believed Days had been punished enough for her crime during her stay at the MCC, but the judge was forced to sentence her to five years because of a mandatory minimum requirement.

Attorneys for Days and a rep for the Bureau of Prisons, which runs the facilities, did not respond to request for comment.

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