Mark Zuckerberg spotted on Hawaii danger hike hunting wild boar

Hunger Games here I come! Mark Zuckerberg wears full camo to hunt wild boar on Hawaii ‘danger’ hike after announcing he’ll work from home for another 6 months and all Facebook staff they can too

  • Zuckerberg, 37, was pictured on Wednesday on the Kalalau Trail on the island of Kauai, where he has a home
  • He was dressed in camouflage and carrying a bow and arrows in a backpack that was tied round his waist
  • The Facebook CEO has just announced he’s going to keep working from home – in Hawaii – for 6 months
  • He says it allows him to spend time more with family and focus on ‘big picture thinking’ which makes him more productive
  • Facebook staff will have until September until offices start to reopen; if they want to work from home permanently, they have to request permission 
  • Otherwise, staff will be expected in the office at least 50 percent of their working weekly hours
  • Zuckerberg already told staff if they relocate to cheaper cities, they can expect pay cuts  

It’s so long Menlo Park, and hello Hawaii for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who was seen hiking in full camo with hunting gear to catch wild boar on Wednesday after telling he’s going to work remotely for another six months and they can too.  

Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla own property in Hawaii and have plans to expand on it to create a compound-like home. They’ve been spending most of their time there since COVID-19 shut down the world last year, and Zuckerberg seems to be very much enjoying all the outdoor space. 

He’s taken up archery and hiking. Earlier this week he shared a bizarre video of himself throwing spears. obtained exclusive photos of the tech CEO on Wednesday hiking the Kalalau Trail on the paradise island of Kauai.

Despite soaring temperatures, he had the hood of his waterproof jacket up and a backpack tied around his waist which had a bow and several arrows in the back. 

In the past, he has spoken of his love of hunting wild boar. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of feral pigs on Hawaii which eat plants and are a nuisance to homeowners. 

Hunting them is allowed on the Kalalau Trail, and so is wild goat hunting. 

Hunger Games here I come! Mark Zuckerberg in full camo on Wednesday as he embarked on a dangerous hike in Hawaii with a bow and arrows with to hunt wild boar

Zuckerberg was joined by an entourage of friends who were also all in camouflage. The trail is 11 miles long and is described as one of the most beautiful but dangerous in America

Zuckerberg seemed up for the challenge in his camouflage gear. He carried his weaponry on his back, in a backpack tied round his waist

The Facebook CEO has spent most of the last year on the island of Kauai, where he owns a property with his wife Priscilla

In a Facebook comment to a fan last year, he said: ‘I still go hunting. Mostly with a bow and arrow.’ When asked what he hunted, he said: ‘Wild boar.’  

Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for the outdoors in Hawaii is no doubt tied to his decision to keep working remotely for another six months. 

Zuckerberg is not planning on reopening Facebook’s offices fully until October. 

Then, staff can request to be allowed to work remotely full time. 

Their manager has to approve it, but a Facebook spokesman said on Wednesday they had approved 90 percent of the requests that had been submitted so far. 

Some departments – like the company’s data centers or hardware labs, can’t be performed – can’t do their jobs remotely. 

Staff will be expected in the office at least half of the time. 

In a memo to staff, he said: ‘I’ve found that working remotely has given me more space for long-term thinking and helped me spend more time with my family, which has made me happier and more productive at work.’ 

Keen to protect his fair skin from the glaring sun, he wore a long-sleeved hoodie and kept the hood up 

Zuckerberg has been spending more time outdoors lately. He recently posted a video of himself online throwing spears at a target

Zuckerberg’s hunting look included camo shorts, a backpack to carry his bow and arrow and water, hat and shades

Zuckerberg and his friends looked ready for action as they set off on the 11-mile trail  

In a Facebook chat last year, Zuckerberg told a fan that he liked to hunt wild boar with a bow and arrow 

Zuckerberg said in a memo to staff on Wednesday that working from home had allowed him to become more productive and spend more time with family

Let’s go boys! Zuckerberg and his friends setting off on their hike on Wednesday after he told staff he was going to keep working from home 

Zuckerberg and his friends passed other hikers who weren’t dressed quite as aggressively as they were for the outing

One woman who walked past them as they ventured towards the trail was carrying  a tote bag instead of a hunting backpack with weapons

Zuckerberg, 37, has been on the island for much of the last year with his wife and their two children, who did not join him

Zuckerberg said in an interview in 2020 that he enjoys killing the food he eats because it brings him ‘closer’ to the experience. He did a challenge where he vowed to kill every animal he ate but he stopped that and now just seems to hunt boar for fun

Feeling the heat? The Facebook CEO grabbed at his throat as he pounded the boardwalk before getting stuck into the rugged trail 

Facebook’s approach to working from home is one of the strictest among Silicon Valley companies. 

Google will adopt a hybrid model, where people will split their time between the office and home, but Twitter has told staff they can work from home forever if they want to.  

Hawaii is known for its feral pigs and hunting them is allowed, even on the trail Zuckerberg was on 

They, like every other business and large company in the world, have been weighing up what to do and how much they can ask staff since the start of the pandemic. 

Facebook invested billions in its offices around the world, namely its major ‘campus’ in Menlo Park, California. 

The spokesperson who told the Journal they’d approved most of the requests so far said they had come predominantly from people who had relocated during COVID and didn’t want to go back to where their office job was before it hit. 

Facebook has also told employees that if they move to lower cost areas, they can expect lower salaries because staff no longer have to afford the expensive rents of major cities or general cost of living in them. 

Brynne Harrington, the company’s vice president of people growth, said they’ll let individual teams plan when they come in and when they don’t. 

She added guidance was likely to change throughout the coming months and years.  

‘The rationale there is that there continue to be a lot of unknowns.  We know we don’t have all the answers yet.’

Zuckerberg shared a video of himself throwing spears at a target earlier this week. People were quick to point out that he didn’t need to wear headphones to protect his ears when he wasn’t shooting a gun

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