‘Mind-blowing’ UFO footage shows bizarrely shaped ‘alien craft’ hovering above shocked family

EERIE footage shows the "mind-blowing" moment a bizarrely-shaped "alien craft" hovers over a shocked family in Texas.

The oddball clip features an object with two thin sides and a rounded top floating in the skies of Denton County.

According to EagleRun23, the video was filmed on June 4 at around 9pm local time.

In a description posted on YouTube, he wrote: "It's an unidentified flying object to me because I don't know what it was.

"We were sitting by the fire. Little ones had the bubbles going.

"Any idea? Deflated balloon of some sort? Almost looked like a parachute."

On the clip, a man can be heard saying: "No idea what that is. Is it going down, or it is going…"

A child is then heard saying the mystery object looks a bit like a spaceship.

Those to have seen the strange footage have their own views on what the "craft" could be.

Chris Sewell wrote: "Looks like a weather balloon, that has ran out of almost all of its hot air.

"Just hanging at a specific altitude. Floating around, until it drops."

While others point out there have been numerous UFO sightings in the region recently.

One even said it looked like a giant "iPhone needle."

UFO hunter Scott C Waring believes the footage just might be of an alien craft.

He told the Express: "Watching this raw video taken from Texas during a family outing is mind-blowing.

"This UFO is like no other I have ever seen. The craft is standing upright and has a huge rectangle in its centre."

Last month we told how another bizarre "spaceship" left a trail of smoke in the sky before crashing into the sea in Indonesia.

The bizarre footage of the long, black object plunging into the water was filmed at Jangkar Beach in East Java.

The spooky object was swallowed by the waves shortly after crashing into the sea.

Facebook user Kh Popeye Watermelon shared the clip and asked: "What is this anchor-like thing that fell from the sky?"

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