Naked man pummeled after charging pedestrians in the Bronx: video

This certainly was a ‘bare’ knuckle brawl.

Startling video posted Wednesday on Twitter shows a naked man attacking bystanders in the Bronx, and then getting pummeled to the pavement.

The undated footage (Warning: Graphic content) shows the stark naked man, only wearing a pair of white socks, streaking across East Fordham Road near Morris Avenue in the middle of the day and charging a man in a face mask.

The two exchange punches on the Fordham Heights sidewalk before other bystanders jump into the fray, as horrified witnesses scream, “No, no, no, no!”

At one point, the man is thrown to the pavement and beaten and kicked by three other men, including one who appears to attempt to restrain him — but he gets back up and continues going after the group.

One man body slams the streaker into a car on East Fordham Road but he remains undeterred, skulking around the sidewalk as the footage ends.

The NYPD didn’t immediately comment.

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