'Ninja' rabbit bounces off wall and clears 3ft gate escaping enclosure

Bunny hops it! Moment Honey the ‘ninja’ rabbit bounces off wall and clears 3ft gate in night-time escape

  • Kirsty Evans, 19, from Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, thought she was being burgled
  • Was in fact her escape-artist rabbit Honey springboarding out of her enclosure 
  • Rabbit owner set up a camera overnight to find out how the bunny was escaping 

A veterinary nurse feared intruders were coming into her house at night until CCTV revealed her ‘ninja’ rabbit was springboarding off the wall to leap out of her enclosure like a ‘jack in the box’.

Kirsty Evans, 19, from Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, and her family feared a burglar was rummaging around their house when they were woken by their dog barking at noises coming from their bathroom on Monday last week.

Her mother Susan Cross, 56, was about to ‘grab something’ to defend herself with until Kirsty and sister Amy Evans, 23, spotted their 12-week-old rabbit Honey was somehow out of her 3ft indoor enclosure.

Kirsty Evans, 19, and her family were woken up abruptly by a loud noise in the middle of the night last week and feared their home in Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, was being broken into but it was in fact her rabbit Honey escaping her enclosure (pictured together) 

As part of her great escape, Honey was seen staring at the wall, appearing to size it up before making a giant leap and springboarding off the wall into the hallway

The rabbit owner set up a motion camera the following night and was shocked to see Honey easily scale the gate, despite it being seven times taller than her. 

In the comical clip, the bunny can be seen hopping around in its enclosure before standing on its back legs, appearing to size up the wall. 

Pausing to consider whether she should make the giant leap, the bunny stops for a second before springboarding off the wall and making her way through the house.  

The night Honey made her first escape, Kirsty was forced to come downstairs four times before 8am because the crafty animal kept getting out. 

Kirsty was forced to get up four times in the night has Honey continued to try and make a break for it 

The day after Honey’s various attempts to escape, Kirsty set up a camera in the hallway to figure out how the bunny was escaping and was shocked by what she saw

She decided to set up the camera the following day to figure out how the bunny was making its escape.  

Despite losing sleep over Honey’s antics, Kirsty has since seen the funny side, and hundreds of Facebook users did too when they reacted to praise her pet’s ‘ninja skills’.

One user said: ‘Olympic level jumping right there.’ Another added: ‘So cute. Bunnies are the best. She’s a ninja bunny.’

Someone else tagged a friend and said: ‘Look at this parkour bunny.’

Speaking about the escaping antics Kirsty said: ‘I never thought she would be able to get out that way. I couldn’t believe it.

‘I thought she might have pushed the latch or got through a gap because she’s so small, but not jumping off the wall. She was like Houdini. I didn’t even know she could get upstairs.

Mother Susan Cross, 56, was about to ‘grab something’ to defend herself with but Kirsty and her sister Amy Evans, 23, spotted their 12-week-old rabbit Honey had managed to get out

After sharing the video of the escaping rabbit on social media, several people also saw the funny side of the bunny’s antics

‘We’ve only had her for three weeks but now she follows me everywhere like a shadow and I think she realised where we sleep and she probably just wanted to be with us.

Kirsty has since extended the height of the pen in a bid to stop Honey from escaping and she hasn’t done since the night of the recording.

The family has another rabbit, seven-month-old Bailey, but he’s big enough not to be able to escape through the bars of their only cage so sleeps inside that in Kirsty’s room.

Kirsty says despite the sleepless night and pen improvisation, her family are looking forward to Honey being able to use her energy mixing with Bailey when she’s spayed. 

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