NYC coronavirus cases reach over 32K, death toll climbs to 678

A stunning 32,308 Big Apple residents have now been diagnosed with the coronavirus, with 678 New Yorkers dead, City Hall stats showed early Sunday — with the disease now claiming one life less than every nine minutes.

Another six New Yorkers died overnight, upping a total that stood at 672 late Saturday, the numbers show, while an additional 1,543 cases were confirmed.

But while the night was relatively quiet, the new totals show increases of 3,150 diagnoses and 161 deaths in the 24-hour span since Saturday morning — a grim tally that equates to one death every 8.9 minutes.

Queens has been the hardest-hit by number of cases, hitting five-digits Sunday with 10,373.

The borough is trailed by Brooklyn (8,451), then The Bronx (6,145) and Manhattan (5,438), with Staten Island bringing up the rear (1,866).

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The troubling numbers continue to escalate despite the best efforts of New York’s overtaxed public hospital system — and the crisis will only get worse when the city’s supply stash starts to run dry in early April, Mayor Bill de Blasio has said.

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