Party organiser says she just invited 20 people to her rave

‘It got out of hand!’: Party organiser says she just invited 20 people to her lockdown breach rave in Manchester but 100 turned up – as judge bans ANYONE from entering her house for three months

  • Charlene Proham, 27, was today banned from hosting anyone at her home 
  • Was slapped with  fine after police identified her as the organiser of illegal rave 
  • Around 200 people attended the illegal rave in Gorton, Manchester, last week

The organiser of an illegal lockdown party in Manchester which saw police officers pelted with missiles has claimed she only invited 20 people to the gathering that got ‘out of hand’.

Police were forced to call for back-up after being pelted by objects as they tried to shut down the illegal event last week which was attended by more than 100 people. 

After she was identified as the owner of the house, Ms Proham was also made the subject of a closure order on her property, which bans anyone from entering her house for at least three months. 

She was warned that she could be sent to prison if she were to breach her order. 

Following the court hearing, Ms Proham said she had only invited 20 of her friends to the gathering, and claimed to be annoyed when hundreds of people turned up. 

Charlene Proham (pictured outside her house), 27, was identified by police as the organiser of illegal rave in Gorton, Manchester, on August 15

Shocking images on Snapchat showed hundreds of revellers deft social distancing measures as they attended the party

Ms Proham said: ‘Over 100 people showed up at the house, some that I didn’t even know. My house is trashed and things got taken.

‘Obviously I am sorry but it really was out of my hands, I never planned for that many people to show up.

‘The police came and said we had an hour to close the party down. They said people were throwing missiles but they weren’t.

‘Police came back after an hour and by that point the party was all wrapped up.’

During the hearing at Manchester Magistrates’ Court, an order was made on behalf of Greater Manchester Police that the premises be subjected to a closure order.

The order means nobody except the occupant is allowed inside the property.

When asked if she had any issue with that, Ms Proham told the court: ‘I look after my mum who has dementia, she lives in Hulme.’

However district judge Mark Hadfield said: ‘You can go and visit her, rather than making her come all that way to your home address in Gorton.’

Ms Proham replied: ‘I suppose so, yeah.’

Judge Hadfield said: ‘As a result of a gathering on August 15, serious nuisance was caused to members of the public including your neighbours, as well as serious disorder as there was an incident outside, adjacent to your property so I find there are grounds for making that order. I make the order against you.

During a hearing Ms Proham said had only invited 20 of her friends to the gathering before it got ‘out of hand’

The event organiser (pictured outside her home) said she didn’t think it was fair that she was fined

‘I have no reason to punish you at all and hope there will be no further problems of this nature, if you happen to breach this order, this will put yourself in a very serious position where you could be sent to prison for breaching the order.’

Speaking on her doorstep Ms Proham later said: ‘It’s difficult as now I can’t have anyone in my house for three months but I’ll just have to go and visit my family at their house.

‘I don’t think it’s fair that I have been fined when you see parties like this happening all the time.

‘But obviously it was my house and I do take responsibility for that.’

Following the party, shocking footage caught on Snapchat showed ravers flouting social distancing measures as they attended the illegal party.

During the footage, hundreds of people danced to the loud music with drinks in their hands and defied social distancing measures. 

Officers arrived to the scene after receiving numerous complaints from residents on the street. 

Hundreds of revellers (left and right) were filmed dancing at an illegal lockdown party in Gorton, Manchester, on August 15 

Following the scenes Superintendent Helen Caldbeck said: ‘This illegal house party was a blatant breach of legislation and meant that needed resources were pulled from the force. 

‘Even worse was the fact on attendance, our officers were met with such hostility, with missiles were thrown at them.

‘We want to be clear that the issuing of an FPN, as well as imposing an anti-social behaviour closure notice, is just the first step in our action and we are working unreservedly to ensure that all possible lines of enquiry are followed up.

‘We have officers reviewing CCTV and other evidence with a view to identifying others responsible.

‘The people of Greater Manchester deserve better and quite frankly they’re being let down by the selfish few who are shamelessly breaching the very guidance and legislation that is there to protect us.’

‘If anyone has any information about this I’d urge you to get in touch to us via 101, or report it online.’

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